DeSantis Makes Run for President Official


Today, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis officially announced his entry into the 2024 presidential race, joining a growing field of Republican candidates. DeSantis, known for his outspoken cultural conservatism, seeks to test both his national appeal and the willingness of the GOP to move on from former President Donald Trump. At the age of 44, DeSantis has quickly risen from a little-known congressman to a two-term governor, and now aims to become a leading figure in the nation’s divisive political landscape.

DeSantis’ Presidential Ambitions

Governor DeSantis revealed his decision to run for president through a Federal Election Commission filing, followed by an online conversation with Twitter CTO Elon Musk. This move marks a significant milestone in DeSantis’ political career, as he seeks to transition from state governance to national leadership. While DeSantis has faced criticism for his policies, his campaign-trail personality, and his limited relationships within the broader Republican ecosystem, he remains a formidable contender and arguably Trump’s strongest Republican rival.

Appealing to the Republican Base

DeSantis has successfully captured the attention and interest of GOP primary voters by positioning himself as a younger and more electable alternative to Donald Trump. His staunch conservative stance on issues such as race, gender, and abortion aligns with many of the party’s base, making him an interesting candidate for those seeking to continue Trump’s policies and rhetoric, without Trump. DeSantis has capitalized on his role as governor, implementing policies that resonate with many and independent and Republican voters, such as restrictive voting laws and opposition to COVID-19 mitigation measures.

The Trump Factor

One of the key challenges for DeSantis will be navigating the influence and legacy of Donald Trump. While DeSantis seeks to establish himself as a potential successor to Trump’s brand of Republican politics, he must also demonstrate his ability to lead independently and address the concerns of a broader electorate. Trump’s popularity among the Republican base remains strong, and his endorsement could significantly impact the outcome of the primary race. DeSantis will need to balance his own identity with the appeal of Trump’s base, all while maintaining distance from the controversies that surrounded the former president.

Then there is the role of the media as it relates to Trump. Major media seems to loathe the former President and their constant criticisms of him actually leads to increase support among independent voters.  Trump is electrifying and ratings tend to go up when he is in a story.  The media has a huge vested interest in keeping readers and viewers engaged. The big question, can DeSantis provide that?

National Appeal and Electability

DeSantis’ entry into the 2024 presidential race presents an opportunity for him to showcase his national appeal beyond Florida. As governor, he has gained prominence through his confrontations with the media and his firm stance on conservative values. However, questions remain regarding his ability to connect with voters on a larger scale and build relationships outside his home state. His campaign will require a delicate balance of leveraging his accomplishments in Florida while demonstrating an understanding of and vision for the country’s diverse challenges.

Divisive Issues and Political Landscape

Throughout his political career, DeSantis has been at the center of contentious debates surrounding race, gender, abortion, and other divisive issues. While these positions have endeared him to the conservative base, they also expose him to criticism from more moderate and progressive voters. DeSantis’ campaign will need to address these concerns and articulate a broader vision for the country that resonates with a diverse electorate.


Ron DeSantis’ entry into the 2024 presidential race sets the stage for an intriguing and competitive Republican primary. As a vocal cultural conservative, he aims to challenge the GOP’s loyalty to former President Donald Trump while presenting himself as a younger and more electable alternative. However, DeSantis faces hurdles such as his controversial policies, limited relationships within the party, and the need to strike a delicate balance between his own identity and Trump’s influence. As the campaign unfolds, DeSantis will have to navigate a divisive political landscape.

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