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When a person browses things online, almost 90% of the information transmitted to their rain is through visual perception. So, when it comes to digital marketing and social media influencing, there is no wonder why the users are much prone to responding to a great design than raw text.


  • If you own a social media channel for business, do you post such compelling images to grab attention?


As we can simply define a human being as visual being now, making your social media presence more visually appealing is the first and foremost think any digital marketer should do now not just to perform, but to survive at the baseline. This is the major reason why images, photos, graphics, and videos prevail on social media feeds nowadays.


Designing for social media


To a larger extent, you need to now ensure your brand presence in the overcrowded digital landscape by posting a notable and engaging image and graphics. As the nature of each social media platform is different, you need to have custom-tailored strategies for each platform. Further, in this post, we will cover some of the best social media strategies for brands to ensure the best visual presence for more reach and returns.


  1. Optimize images for various social networks


To keep the followers engaged, one should maintain a consistent presence across the popular social media platforms, in which the leading ones are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google+, and


To ensure maximum results, you can embed captivating photos and images as links. Avoid the mistake of posting the same-sized image for all platforms but customize the same image in various appropriate dimensions on each platform.


  1. Use your business logo as a profile image


You should also be very diligent about picking an appropriate profile image for social network pages. There had been a lot of debate on whether one should put the company logo or the headshot of the individual as the profile picture. Well, the simple solution is that if you own an established brand which is recognized with its logo, it is a good idea to put it as profile image. However, if the headshot you consider is a public figure who is easily recognized by your target group, then it is a fine idea to use it as profile image.


Once on choosing an appropriate profile photo, then it’s advisable to use the same image across all social media networks, which makes it easier for the followers to recognize your presence instantly. Going a step ahead, you can also use some creative variations of your logo too, but in such a way that the audience can instantly recognize you.


  1. Stick to the brand specifics


To ensure brand recognition, ensure that the promotional images you post are well in tune with the brand specifics. The images you choose must reflect an apt personality about your brand and its unique characteristics to get real Instagram likes. You need to be highly diligent on choosing social media images as by taking into consideration various aspects as:


  • The nature of your follower group.
  • What sort of images and graphics will do the best for the type of business or services you are promoting?
  • What your typical buyer persona would like to see or do online?


You can see the activities of the major brands like Nike on social media to see some classic examples of this approach.


  1. Maintain consistency


For success regarding brand recognition and fan following, consistency is the key. You can practice consistent branding by using the same fonts, color specifications, image styling in social media branding. It is a known fact that colors as associated with emotions and you can tell stories by aligning the consumer emotions through your well-thought images. Think of Coca-Cola and you will be instantly recognizing that bright red coming into mine and how Cadbury reminds you about the purple that prevails, and Mountain Due to green.


  1. Ensure variety and value


While thinking of content to post, ensure variety to avoid a monotonous approach on being frequent on social media platforms. Also, ensure that the contents you use are meant to share valuable information with the followers rather than try to push your marketing content back to back. If the content is valuable and informative, it will naturally be shared with more, and there is a fair chance that it may go viral too. Say, for example, if you are a skin-care cosmetic brand and your post includes a simple solution to oily skin or hair fall, etc., followers will find it instantly valuable and tend to share.


Compliment the above tip, the last thing you should ensure is that your social media posts should be easy to share. You can ensure this by adding the share button to your images, even when you are putting them on your website pages. There is no doubt that people do share what they find interested in their friends and near ones instantly nowadays. Leverage this consumer habit to enhance the reach of your brand to more people.


Author bio: Terry Merchant is a design and development specialist who is now actively in social media marketing. Being a highly influencing figure on social media, he suggests tips on real Instagram likes and creating excellent Facebook posts, etc.