Digital Marketing Mistakes You Have To Stop Making


Most people focus on what should be done in digital marketing and few consider what should not be done. There are many different things that should not be done in digital marketing. If you are interested in building a digital marketing campaign that would be effective in the future, here are some mistakes that should be avoided at all costs.

Lack Of Problem Solving

People are often bombarded with information so when you just promote, you miss out on many different possible opportunities. Boasting about how good services and products are will not work as people are now internet-savvy. It is a much better approach to show people how problems are to be solved with the use of what is promoted.

For instance, instead of promoting dispensaries, you are better off mentioning the work done as a marijuana dispensary consultant. By doing this you show people that you want to help. Also, client testimonials will work really great in showing that great work was done in the past.

Heavy Reliance On A Single Marketing Channel

This is going to hurt the digital marketing budget and will reverse slingshot revenues. Various strategies can be implemented in order to see exactly what works best. In digital marketing we need to be sure that we maximize efforts and focus on what is working best. This is a mantra that is not actually beneficial in the long run. There is always the possibility that a channel is going to become ineffective. For instance, the organic traffic that you got might end up dropping overnight. What do you do then? Never put all efforts in just one channel or you will end up with bottom line revenues dropping without even realizing why.

Ignoring Marketing Channels

There are marketing channels that are putting you directly into the limelight, like pay per click. However, ignoring the other channels can end up with a lack of opportunities. It is really important that you invest your budget in many marketing channels so that you can cover all bases. You never actually know what could be really good for you.

Be sure that you go social. You want to select social channels with care but in many cases you want to consider Twitter and LinkedIn if you do B2B, with Facebook being highly effective if your business relies on B2C. Email marketing is also something that should be considered as it has a huge potential.

Lack Of Tracked Campaign Goals

Most people think they do track campaign goals but this is not actually the case. In order for you to track your campaign you have to be sure that everything is done in-depth. The big problem is often that no measurable goals are even set. Let’s say you are interested in increasing lead numbers for your company. The goal that you can set is “plus 20%” per month. Work towards that and you have something that can be properly measured. When you simply say you are interested in increasing leads but you do not mention by how much, you make a mistake.