Digital Marketing Tips For Your Brick & Mortar Business


Running a brick and mortar business doesn’t mean that you’re banned from spreading the word about your operation through online marketing.  In fact, digital marketing has hit an all-time high for efficiency in boosting sales.  

If your business isn’t well acquainted with the many marketing tools of the web, then you’re missing out on what could be.  Take a moment to read through a few digital marketing tips for your brick and mortar business, and start taking steps forward.  

Take advantage of Google My Business

Google offers an array of different marketing tools for business owners.  Google wants you to use their platform, and they want you to use the platform successfully.  

It’s worth the time spent to delve into the specifics of what Google My Business has to offer.  Google My Business is a great tool for brick and mortar businesses to reach out to locals.  

Hop on board social media 

Social media is a powerful force in marketing today.  It’s important that your operation has a piece of the pie.  Design social media profile for your business on at least two different platforms, and maintain those pages like you do your website.  

Add social media sharing buttons to your digital content in strategic locations.  When web users do the sharing, your business gets a free opportunity to reach new sets of eyes.  

Paid advertising reaches eyes 

Another tool offered through Google is Google Adwords.  Google Adwords is an efficient and affordable way to set up some carefree digital marketing opportunities.  

Even if you’re in the business of traditional advertising like street graphics or banners, it helps to pay professionals to build a capable web presence for your business.  In a sense, you can automate your digital marketing campaigns.  

Gather email connections

Email marketing is a great digital outlet for your business.  Gather willing email participants through various pieces of content online.  Your business website is ground zero for offering opt-in opportunities.  

Utilize your email rolodex to keep in contact with current, past, and future customers.  Send out regular newsletters, email confirmations, and more to make email a regular means of contact between you and your target consumers.  

Optimize the design of your content

Learn what it takes to create digital content that makes a good impression on Google’s search algorithms.  Invest in learning SEO (search engine optimization), and start building a digital presence that makes waves online.  

Start by making certain that all of your digital content is built to operate with ease on the various screens of today’s most popular mobile devices.  Mobile optimization is a priority when you’re working to build an effective digital presence for your business.