Digital Marketing Transformation – How Your Business Can Get Digital


Companies that quickly shifted to a contactless marketing and sales model in response to successive Covid-19 lockdowns are the ones developing the skills and resilience necessary to survive in a Covid world.


Covid-19 has precipitated the shift to contactless marketing and sales in a few months. In New Zealand, pre-pandemic, a significant change of this nature was at least two years away. Contactless marketing and sales were a nice-to-have function of the business, but people still wanted the social returns of a shopping experience. Now it’s the exact opposite.


People are learning to be content, even happy, with this new ‘bubble culture’, which means people are less likely to want to go out and shop and mix with other people, at least until we’ve managed to put Covid-19 behind us.


This puts a significant focus on the online capability of each business and how well they can still fulfil their sales and marketing function in a digital-only environment. Digital marketing agencies in Auckland and around New Zealand are fielding many inquiries about digital transformation.


Consumers now have a default expectation that the company they are dealing with has online capability. That expectation covers the initial information people need to choose your business, perhaps an initial Google Meet or Zoom call to discuss further. Or online chat to ask quick questions.


So if you want to get more customers with your online marketing in New Zealand, the question is, how much of your sales and marketing can you move online? And how smooth and painlessly can you make that transition for yourselves as well as for your customers?


Some advice to companies that want to implement the online business model:

1. Talk to your people

The move online should be a strategic decision. And these decisions should be made with good data. As a first step, you need to figure out what people want and how you can deliver that for them. There should be many discussions with your customers, team, and the wider business. Some questions might be:

  • What would you like to be able to do on our site that you can’t do now?
  • What concerns you on our website?
  • What do you find hard to do?
  • What systems need updating to do this?
  • What do we need to learn?
  • Do we need to bring in experts? E.g. A digital marketing agency in Auckland or a copywriter?

The more information you can accumulate about habits, expectations and behaviours, the better you can recognise opportunities and meet needs.


2. Review your business processes with online in mind

Examine your interactions with clients, as well as your sales and fulfilment funnels, inventory management and distribution. Looking at how your company does things will be just as revealing as market research. Then figure out how to turn it into a contactless model.


Consider also how you can replicate your authority in the digital world. There are equivalents to your expertise, your brand name, and word of mouth in a digital world. Getting a reliable SEO service provider will surely help you improve your online presence. Some examples of the services include getting mentions online, promoting your business through advertising, getting related websites to link to you, referrals, testimonials and so much more.

3. Put it into action

New Zealand companies need to see the current business environment as a tremendous opportunity to get better at what they do, reduce costs and maximise their efficiencies.


Change is difficult but with the right plan, good knowledge and your team around you, it will be a lot smoother than you think.



There are very few things you can’t fulfil online – don’t be too quick to dismiss what’s possible for your business. We are confronting one of those big generation changing global events. Now is not the time to stick your head in the sand.