Direct Marketing Techniques


Marketing should hold a big place in your business budget. It’s now extremely clear that without strong marketing campaigns and a wide variety of techniques, a business just isn’t going to be able to grow. It’s that variety of marketing techniques that are now available to businesses that we think are helping propel them towards success. Long gone are the days of people looking out for brands in a magazine. Instead, we’re being hammered with marketing techniques that connect us with brands from a wide variety of sources. Whilst there are many that are popular, we think there are some that are going to have a more direct impact. As it goes, the marketing methods are called direct marketing. They target all audiences and is more in your face way of marketing. You’re guaranteed to catch the eye of the receiver, so it really has an impact. Here are some of the direct marketing techniques you might want to choose from.

Mail Marketing


Sending something by mail is so effective. It’s cheap, it’s easy to organize, and you just know that people are going to be opening that mail and checking out your brand. Even if that’s just glancing at the name before throwing it in the bin, you’ll have made a small impact. But there will be people who will take it in, especially if you’re sending it to customers who have used you before. It’s best sending something like a discount. A discount is always going to get people’s attention. Plastic postcards are something you can use to send the offer cards out. They’re a great alternative to just sending a piece of paper. It’s something the receiver can hold onto, and will hopefully help with the promotion. Mail marketing has more of a return that most of the direct marketing options.


Email Marketing


Email marketing is more hit and miss, but it is easy to delve into the data that you receive back from it, helping you to better understand your email reach. But it’s hit and miss because you’re not guaranteed to get the receiver to open it. Often it will go into spam for small businesses. However bigger businesses frequently get customers to sign up to mailing lists, which is a great way of promotion if people look at it. If you can make the email look great with graphics, and be informative without being too pushy. It’s best to check out some email marketing techniques to make sure that you do it right.


Face To Face Selling


Face to face selling is the obvious one that many businesses forget to do. Standing in the street and handing out flyers, or talking to random street members about your product or service can get brand attention. Or, attending business events is another form of face to face selling. It’s effective because you’re already going to be surrounded by potential customers who are interested in your niche. Just make sure that you don’t come on too hard with the sales.