Does your company need an integrated system?

integrated system

A business or organization has different parts that require top-notch security. From money, physical assets to employees, and even stocked goods. Threats of hacking, burglary or malicious activities not only cost you money but soil your company’s reputation. Having a robust, scalable, and the integrated system keeps all your flanks covered. An integrated security system is an all-in-one solution to secure your organization and its assets regardless of size. An integrated system is multi-layered and offers multiple security features optimized from a single point.

All applications and tools are seamlessly linked to improving customer service, increasing the system’s efficiency, and boosting performance. All components work and communicate together to simplify monitoring and reporting to bolster security.

Why do you need an integrated system then?

integrated system Reliable protection

Most physical attacks occur after hours. With a seamless system of cameras, sensors, and alarms, burglars are easily deterred, and high-quality footage will make their apprehension easier. You can manage all security aspects from a single dashboard and run reports, create and view changes. Real-time monitoring allows your personnel to streamline their work, check various elements, and react on time with the click of a button.

Enhanced efficiency

Everything is centralized and easier to manage. An integrated system is vital in streamlining processes, enhancing workflows, and increased reporting accuracy while automating different aspects to reduce overhead and improve performance. Access control filtering ensures that information is disseminated from one contact point. In times of crisis, the resiliency of a multi-layered system is crucial.

Faster ROI

Activities like vandalism, loitering, and theft are unheard of with real-time monitoring and staff ready to apprehend trespassers. The costs incurred due to hiring numerous guards or installing every security system indecently are replaced by a scalable system. Live monitoring allows you to track and enforce productivity. A unified system is easier and cheaper to maintain with only a few people needed on-site.

integrated system Organizational resiliency

An integrated security system combines access control and surveillance systems for a more proactive approach to security threats. It saves you time spent shuffling through security footage and alarm timestamps in favor of quick and informed decision-making. The consolidated system streamlines work, information, and costs for all your sites, whether remote or on-grid.

At Alpha, our systems offer commercial access control, fire and smoke detection, video security feed monitoring, alarms, intrusion detection. We have a 24/7 response team member always on call monitoring the security of your business.

integrated system

Whenever a threat is detected, the security staff contains the threat and offers a suitable solution to prevent further damage and loss to you. Our round-the-clock security footage is part of a ceaseless automated system that keeps your business safe even when you’re not around.

We offer a scalable integrated system custom-tailored to your organizational requirements combining surveillance cameras, video monitoring, access control systems, analytics, and human intelligence. Improve the safety of your premises and preserve your investment with a bespoke, reliable system designed to fit your specific needs and adjust to them as your business grows.