Dog Personality Traits and Pigeon Birth Control?!?

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On today’s segment of the 3 AM Egos, we discovered that dogs personality traits are similar to their owners, and that pigeons are on birth control in Ohio.

According to new research done by the University of California-Berkley and California State-East Bay, cats and dogs really do reflect their owner’s personality. According to the study, people who own a cat are more creative, anxious yet  more adventurous than dog people. Dog people are extroverted, secure and less adventurous. The study also states that the greater affection you have for your cat or dog, the more sensitive you are. Thanks to the Huffington Post for this article!

Our second story of the day comes from Wayne County, Ohio where pigeons are going on birth control. According to ABC News, the county commissioner is allowing bird seed to be spiked with birth control chemicals for pigeons so that they stop destroying the courthouse exterior as the county is trying to renovate the courthouse built in 1878.