Drawing Life Lessons From Losing Close Ones to Thriving in Mindset Coaching: Alia Yasmin Khan’s Journey


One of the most challenging things in life is losing a loved one. It is one of those events that can cause emotional distress, and many people don’t know how to process the emotions.


Letting go can be difficult, and it is easy to become locked up in the trauma for an extended period of time.


Alia Yasmin Khan, founder of Sublime Knowledge, has endured multiple losses. In the earlier stages of her journey, losing someone would take a massive toll on her emotional wellness. At some point, she was battling depression. 


Fortunately, through meditation, she attained a level of understanding of life. She learned how to let go and separate events from dictating all her feelings.


“Life events can have an immense impact on us, especially when they are negative. However, by expanding our awareness of our feelings and thoughts, we begin to understand the experiences we are presently encountering. This way, we can be able to refuse to let them define the direction our lives take,” says Alia Yasmin Khan.


Today, she appreciates and honors life more and has made it her mission to teach others how to live a fulfilled life. As a mindset coach, her work involves teaching others; 

  • To love better, 
  • To process emotions built up from challenging environments and events such as losing close ones and 
  • How to shift mindsets and overcome the obstacles blocking them from living their life purposes.


Alia has had quite a journey before reaching where she is today.


Overcoming Mental Battles

From growing up in a loving family, Alia’s life took a challenging path when she started seeing her mother battling with ill health. Her mother had severe medical issues, and as a kid, Alia lived in constant fear of losing her.


Little did she know that it was her father who would die first. She was just 11 then, and his sudden demise tore her world apart. To make matters worse, her close friend also passed on, followed by a cousin—all within a short period.


The burden of loss was too much to bear, and Alia lived most of her teenage life depressed and suicidal. On top of the emotional distress, her mother was still struggling with her health. But her mother saved her life because despite what Alia was going through, she had to be strong for her. 


Some calm came when she was 18. A friend helped her audit her life and eliminate the negative thoughts that engulfed her mind. With renewed energy, she could pick up the pieces and continue her life, pursuing financial freedom.


By 24, she made a bold move and changed her location from New York to Phoenix, Arizona, to seek more opportunities. She was experiencing peace and calm like never before. But this would last till 2017, when her mother’s health worsened. By the following year, Alia had to stop all her pursuits to take care of her mom. 


Alia’s Expanded Awareness 

During this period, she found solace in meditation, which provided her with peace in difficult moments. 


One night, during her meditation session, she experienced a satori moment that expanded her awareness and understanding. 


Over the following six months, knowledge flooded her mind, and she would write all the words and phrases that came to her. At times, this meant waking up in the middle of the night.   


This information gave her a deeper understanding of life. She shared the knowledge with her close ones and saw a massive impact. She even bonded with her mother at a deeper level than before. 


When her mother passed on in 2021, Alia understood that it was her time to transition from this world. This time, Alia’s emotional recovery was quicker.


Looking back at how her newfound knowledge had helped her in her mourning process and her relations and community, she knew it was time to share it with more people. She knew how the mind works and used the information to create the Intuitive Ascending Mind workbook. The program helps one open their awareness and understand who they are. This is key to working on their mindset and dropping beliefs that don’t serve them.


In 2022, AliaYasmin Khan started Sublime Knowledge, which specializes in mindset coaching for wealth, health, and love. Through her company, she equips people with the tools they need to stay in the right mindset to achieve their goals and life purpose.