Dress To Impress: Why You Need To Learn It and Live It


One piece of advice that you will hear more and more frequently as you move into and through adulthood is that people will tell you to dress to impress. It will sure seem like a very logical piece of advice, but there is a lot of depth to it. Particularly when it comes to business fashion, there may be unwritten rules that you don’t know or don’t understand. Dressing to impress pretty much sums up all of the variables into a straightforward phrase.

So now that you know what the phrase is, what does it mean? First, take a moment to unpack the court concept. Then, see how it might match with women’s business fashion. After that, think about where men’s business fashion intersects with the idea. Regardless of whether you are male or female, knowing the rules for each gender is essential. And lastly, remember that dressing to impress changes if there are cultural differences present.

The Core Concept

Start with someone else’s defined view of dressing to impress. Check a few different sources. See what business people say. See what college professors say. Find out what it means in different industries such as entertainment or marketing or athletics. The more you understand what the expectations are regarding fashion, the more you can respect how to fit within the appropriate structural boundaries of your desired goals.

Women’s Business Fashion

When you look at women’s business fashion, you’ll notice that it changes over the years. What was fashionable and appropriate before is no longer. What will be fashionable in a few years is something that was considered dynamically inappropriate only a short while ago. Figuring out how to dress to impress means that you have to look historically at how women got what they wanted, and then you have to look at any kinds of trends for the future.

If you’re investing a substantial amount of money in different kinds of clothing, you need to try to avoid any unnecessary expenses.

Men’s Business Fashion

Men’s fashion has a specific dynamic that goes along with it as well. You could spend a year just looking at the pretense behind men’s fashion watches. All throughout different types of culture, men’s accessories tell a great deal about personality and people’s relationships with their outside environment.

Cultural Shifts

Fashion is different inside each culture. If you want to dress to impress, be sure to know who you are trying to impress in the 1st place. There is a suggestion that you dress for the job that you want. It has a lot of cultural considerations behind it, depending on what industry you are in.