DriverLoan USA -a cash advance program for independent drivers introduces DriverLoan Investors Club


Bringing together the best of both worlds – the ridesharing economy meets peer-to-peer FinTech investment services 


The way we function in the modern world has forever been transformed especially after the 2008 crisis which has only been magnified by the current Covid-19 pandemic. Digital technologies have given us solutions to everyday problems in a more cost saving and convenient way than traditional industries have ever been able to offer in the past. 


The Growing Ride-Sharing Economy and DriverLoan USA 


The ride-sharing economy has been steadily growing and has made household names out of thriving online platforms such as Uber, UberEats, Lyft, Amazon Flex, Postmates, GrubHub, InstaCart, Delivery Dudes and Door Dash. DriverLoan USA offers fast cash advancements to self-employed drivers that meet basic requirements and have a verifiable steady income. 


Ride-sharing is an environmentally positive alternative to using your own car as well as providing a convenient and cost saving means of transportation. In the post covid-19 world, ride-sharing platforms seem to be more relevant than ever as they offer a safe alternative to crowded public transportation at a relatively low price offering fast and cashless transactions. The ride-sharing economy is also projected to increase exponentially in the coming years reportedly set to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 23% making it a sound investment. 

DriverLoan Investors Club- a highly anticipated FinTech Solution 


Fintech solutions such as DriverLoan Investors Club are part of a multibillion dollar industry that is rapidly growing and changing the way we pay and borrow money. DriverLoan is a fintech peer-to-peer lending platform designed for drivers who don’t have access to traditional banking services offering convenience and accessibility – all you need is your phone to take out a loan or invest.


DriverLoan started out three years ago and has since then processed more than 100k applications as well as over 30 million dollars in cash advances. Their success lies in how they combine a cash advance program for individual drivers with a high yielding investment plan for investors in one groundbreaking online investment platform. DriverLoan Investors Club offers investors a 15% APY with an initial investment of as little as $50. As DriverLoan provides more cash advances to individual drivers the investment platform grows and so do investors profits. 

Disrupting Financial Investment Services 


The ride-sharing economy has acted as a major disruptor in the transportation industry challenging traditional forms of transport while using technology to simplify and innovate the services they offer. In turn DriverLoan Investors Club is also acting as a disruptor in the financial investment and banking industry. 


From an investment perspective and a consumer experience aspect DriverLoan Investors Club attempts to bridge the gap between what your banks were offering you and what you can now receive through the platform – better access, cost savings and significant financial returns. 

How DriverLoan Investors Club Works 


DriverLoan Investors club uses AI technology to generate a behavioural model that evaluates the applicants financial capacity thus reducing the default rate by 98%, giving the company the capacity to provide investors with a 15 % Annual Percentage Yield. 


An investor can invest as little as $50 as initial deposit and can choose their respective investment term – the longer the term the higher the returns. Also they can choose to establish an optional daily deposit amount or any additional deposits and can collect their profits and reinvest within a minimum of 90 days before they can claim interest for the capital invested. 


The investors’ cash will basically help fund the cash advances offered to individual drivers that are vetted in a highly efficient process that utilizes AI algorithms ensuring that their investment is sound and drivers have the capacity to automatically payback their loans including interest. These fixed payments are then in turn distributed to all investors creating interest on their initial investment. 


DriverLoan Investors Club is a high-yield online investment platform without any annual commission fees that investors will be able to participate in a high-growth ride sharing economy with a fixed 15% APY on their investment. Also investors will get a Certificate of Investment after signing up to ensure that their capital plus interest will never be at risk or get lost. Currently the investment platform can be accessed through a web browser but soon an app will be available for download both for iOS and Android mobile phones.