Drug Use in Truckers Is Still a Major Issue


Truck drivers have one of the most challenging jobs in the world and while they often place their own health and safety at risk when they get behind the wheel of a large vehicle, they might be doing so unnecessarily. Some truck drivers take stimulants to help them get through a shift and this places everyone else on the road at risk. While stimulants can help truck drivers focus and stay awake, the reality is that if they need these drugs to stay awake, perhaps it is time for a break. If truck drivers take stimulants, they could end up involved in a truck accident. Anyone who has been involved in a truck accident must rely on truck accident lawyers for help. A study that was published shows that drug use in truck drivers might be more common than people realize.

A team of researchers conducted a thorough review of every research paper that was available. Much of the data came from countries that rely on trucking heavily for their industries such as the United States and Australia. These studies were conducted using a massive survey of drivers in these countries. When the drivers were asked, close to 50 percent of them admitted to driving while drunk at some point in the past. Almost a third of them admitted to using amphetamines and other stimulants to help them stay awake. It is important to note that the numbers varied widely from country to country. The highest rates of drug and alcohol use among drivers was in Brazill, where more than 90 percent of drivers admitted to driving while drinking alcohol.

These results are alarming because they place the health and safety of not only the drivers but also other people on the road at risk. The biggest reason why drivers take these drugs is to help them stay awake during a shift. The reality is that most drivers are paid by the mile. This means that the longer they are able to stay awake and drive, the more money they will make; however, in the process, they place countless others in harm’s way.

It is clear that something has to be done to address this issue. Already, there are too many truck accidents that claim the lives of people every year. Perhaps something should be done to address the way drivers are paid, as this could go a long way toward de-incentivizing drug use. In the meantime, anyone who is involved in a truck accident should know that professionals are available to help.