Dubai: The Perfect Place for Startups


Dubai is a well-known cosmopolitan city in the United Arab Emirates that has grabbed the attention of the global business community about 15 years ago. Today, many popular brands are based in this city and workers from all over the world are coming to this area.

According to many experts, Dubai is the perfect place for startups and there is more than one good reason for this claim. First of all, Dubai has a great location. Even though it is located in a desert, Dubai is in somewhere between Europe and the Far East and close to the Middle East. In other words, it is easy to find investors from every part of the world.

In addition, it is also worth mentioning that Dubai has the incredible infrastructure. The local authorities have invested millions of dollars in the last two decades and they were able to transform this city making it one of the most desired destinations in the world of business. On top of that, several reputable organizations have listed Dubai as one of the easiest places to start a brand new business.

As we said before, Dubai is a city where you can easily find employees that match your criteria for any job position. People from every part of the world are going there trying to improve their CVs. Manila to Dubai flight, New York to Dubai flight, London to Dubai flight and Cape Town to Dubai flight are some of the cheap flights you can find to this city because of the huge interest.

Startup ideas

But, what are the areas where new startups can make progress in Dubai? First and foremost, you can start a business related to the construction industry. In case you have ideas for this business, Dubai should be your first choice. The construction industry is very vibrant in this city and there are some important events like the Dubai Wholesale City and Expo 2020 that bring companies in the construction business from every part of the world. Don’t forget that the construction business in Dubai is not associated only with luxury hotels and skyscrapers.

Another interesting area o put your focus on is a retail business. Every year, thousands of people from across the planet come to Dubai with shopping in mind. There are more than 100 exclusive shopping malls in this city where you can find the latest products and services. At least when it comes to Asia, Dubai is the leader in the world of shopping. There are a few shopping events too including Dubai Summer Surprises and the Shopping Festival. If you want to start a retail business in this city you’ll probably need a sponsor from Dubai.

Tourism is a very well developed sector in Dubai which means that there are some great chances for people interested in establishing travel related businesses. If you have some experience and knowledge, you can easily start a logistic support business or room booking service or even a guide service. Another area which is developing fast is medical tourism.

Finally, you can also check the catering industry as one of the fastest growing industries in Dubai. Fine dining, casual dining and quick delivery and service restaurants in this city are booming.

There are many business opportunities for entrepreneurs in Dubai which make this city ideal for those who are prepared to invest abroad.