East Coast Loyalty named 2018 Massachusetts Family Business of the Year Finalist.


Contributors: Angelo Zammit & Ami Pancholi are regulars on the Radio Talk Show Price of Business & Co-Founders of the multi award winning marketing agency East Coast Loyalty 

About East Coast Loyalty:

East Coast Loyalty is a multi-award winning digital marketing agency who specializes in loyalty rewards program (mobile/text message marketing), website design/development, business listing distribution, competition tracking, Twitter lead generation (geo fencing), Google AdWords, social media ads, pay-per-click, seo, smo, content writing & social media management/marketing. We are a team of marketing experts who can develop a strategic marketing plan around your business, from start to finish!

2018 MFBYA Finalist:

For the 2nd year in a row (2017 & 2018), East Coast Loyalty has claimed the top spot as a finalist in the 2018 Massachusetts Family Business of the Year Awards.

It seems as though ECL has absolutely no plans on slowing down when it comes to winning multiple award shows. With their most recent success on winning the platinum & gold Hermes Awards not even two weeks ago (May 15th 2018), they will now be competing against only the best businesses Massachusetts has to offer in hopes of bringing home the #1 spot.

From the owners Angelo Zammit & Ami Pancholi:   

“Being named a finalist in the 2018 Massachusetts Family Business of the Year Awards for the 2nd year straight is humbling and beyond words. But there is that little thing that sits in the back of our heads where we need that trophy and #1 spot to solidify ourselves in Mass.

We have been recognized for our work both nationally and internationally, we have over 35 plus awards in just 4 short years, still as crazy as it sounds the most important trophy that could ever sit in our trophy case is the one from home where it all began. This awards show and bringing home the throne, means more to our family than one could imagine.

We love where we are from and it’s because of the small businesses here in Mass, why we got our break to begin with, they were our first believers, they were the ones who excepted us with open arms and placed their trust and marketing dollars in our hands knowing we would do what needed to be done.

We owe this to them, we have to win and if for some reason god feels the time is not now, then we will fight until we do!”

East Coast Loyalty is a trendsetting marketing agency that many others have been trying to mimic, at first they said their techniques were too far advanced and the small business owners wouldn’t understand, now that’s all you see others adding to their services and platforms. I guess being the one that’s different means you’re doing something special!

The 2018 Massachusetts Family Business of the year awards will be held at Northeastern University on June 13th. To learn more visit MAFBA.

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