New Gift Idea: An Ebola Plush Toy!

Courtesy of Giant

On today’s 3 AM Egos segment, we talked about another ridiculous topic sweeping America by storm!

If you thought having a Halloween costume mocking Ebola was bad, how about an Ebola plush toy! Yes, for $10 you can buy your very own Ebola plush toy complete with pitri dish and “primordial putty!”

the toy selling website Giant say that the new toy is so popular that they have sold out of ebola toys.

Kevin (show host) Sigmund (producer) and I, Dan Shedd (intern) talked about this new plush toy and discovered that this virus plush toy thing wasn’t very new after all. They have many more virus related plush toys out there. Thanks to Huffington Post for this!

We’re glad we could help you on your Christmas shopping list this year!