Education Before Entrepreneurship


While the United States has yet to catch up on federally legalizing THC for recreational and medicinal use, at least CBD has finally been given the green light to use as a medicine. If you are interested in opening your own CBD shop, understanding your product is the first step to success. Educate yourself on CBD manufacturing, medicinal benefits and of course, on CBD itself.

Where to Get Your Product

What is good and bad about CBD oil is that it can be made at home. This is bad because potential clients might decide to check on YouTube and decide it’s cheaper to do it themselves. On the flip side, this also works in your favor. If you would like to make your own product to sell to customers, it is not a difficult process and you can learn the basic steps involved. If you don’t have the time or the funds to mass-produce CBD oil, there are plenty of CBD manufacturing companies that are happy to offer their services. Contact several and get pricing information, learn about the company history and ask for references. Any company worth its salt can answer any of these with no hesitation.

  • Don’t be afraid of asking too many questions. Remember that you are trying to learn as much as possible, and vendors should understand that. If a vendor seems impatient or overly pushy, end the call and move on. You don’t want to work with someone who won’t work with you.
  • You want a vendor who is educated and knows the product. If the vendor is having a difficult time answering your questions and doesn’t seem to know the right answers, this is another red flag.
  • Quality manufacturing and safety practices are a must if you are dealing with private label supplements. Anything that you are selling should be something that you would be willing to consume yourself. Never sell a product that you wouldn’t feel safe using.

Local Laws

As previously mentioned, marijuana is federally illegal in the United States. Since CBD contains no THC and will not give users a high, it is given a pass by lawmakers. Understand the laws in the area you live in and most importantly, whether you live in a legal state or not. For better or worse, the police are still prosecuting people who sell or have possession of marijuana. Some police officers even go as far as to confiscate CBD oil and claim that it’s hidden THC. Before you even get in the baby steps of mapping out your new business, know the law inside and out.

Medicinal Uses

Helping others through the use of CBD is the entire reason you want to open a shop, right? As noble a goal as that is, you can’t be of much use if you know nothing about what you’re selling. Read up on how CBD affects users and what it is doing inside the body to help them. Write down a list of questions that you have about it and research the answers. This list will come in handy when your own customers begin to ask questions. Some questions you might consider researching are:

  • How does CBD work with the brain and body to help with pain and other ailments?
  • What are the potential risks and side effects?
  • Who benefits most from its use, and what kind of maladies does it help with? Can it cure these maladies or just ease the symptoms?
  • What hard scientific evidence is there to prove that it works? What studies and/or testimonials show that it’s not just a fad?

If you went to a specialty store you would expect the proprietor to understand their products. Do yourself the same courtesy before opening your CBD shop. You’ll be smarter for it and put customers at ease.