Effective Law Firm SEO Tips from the Experts


We are living in a digital world where online visibility is essential for the survival of many businesses. Just like in other industries, many people use search engines to connect with the most reputable online lawyers and to seek legal advice. Attorneys and legal firms with the top search engine rankings get the most clients, and this has made competition in the legal space very high. So, if you have been struggling to get clients through your online website, the chances are high that your site is not visible. 

Here are practical SEO expert tips that you can adopt to increase the online visibility of your law site:

  • Remove The Obstacles Which Make Your Site Slow

In the past few years, you could easily wait for up to five minutes for slow-loading sites to open. But things have changed now. With thousands of websites offering similar solutions, it is hard to get a single client if your site takes forever to load. Many clients consider the slow loading sites as unworthy, and you might easily miss them to your competitors. If your website takes more than two minutes to load, call a professional to pinpoint the causes and come up with suitable solutions to increase its speed. 

  • Use The Right Keywords

Think about the primary keyword that you want your law firm to be popular for. The keyword should clearly show your exact area of specialization in your law career. You can find the right keywords to use in many ways, and the main one is to seek the help of a legal SEO expert to help you in the selection. As referenced at ConsultWebs, an SEO expert can help to distribute the keyword on your legal content evenly and customize them based on what many clients search. For excellent results, it is advisable to include the keyword in the header.

  • Optimize Your Infographics

Pictures, videos, charts, and other types of infographics are great for your legal website. You should, however, optimize them well to improve their SEO rankings. You can optimize them by enlarging their size, making them clearer, providing concise descriptions beneath them and so on. Not all legal content requires the use of infographics, and you should, therefore, avoid stuffing them on one page. Also, ensure that the pictures you use are relevant to the law content, and they do not consume a lot of time to load.

  • Create A Responsive Web Design

Professional website design is good for your law firm reputation, and can also help you stay ahead of the competition. When online users find it appealing, they will get the impression that you are an organized attorney, and you can readily provide them with the legal help they need. So, review the current design of your website and customize it to have a grid-based format. The front page should have well-arranged columns and rows showing the basics of your website. It’s advisable to keep refreshing the design of your website to make it better and more organized. 

  • Create Informative And Entertaining Content

As mentioned above, the digital space is highly overcrowded. With tons of available information, clients only consider the content which they find informative and easy to read. Law firms should, therefore, produce concise, precise, and straightforward information in order to beat their competitors. However, informative content alone might not be enough to keep the online users glued to the site. It’s therefore important to use all the tricks which make content more interesting to continue reading. For instance, you can include law statics, facts, and funny anecdotes to keep the readers interested. 

  • Ensure Your Site Is Mobile-friendly

Mobile phones are more portable and flexible as compared to desktops and computers. As such, many people prefer to use them when they want to get online and search for law services. This means that you might miss the chance to work with many clients if your website is not mobile-friendly. To customize your website, choose a great mobile solution, and adhere to the best practices for mobile optimizations. Use a large and clear font in which clients can ready quickly without zooming and avoid using the software which cannot be downloaded over the phone.  


SEO optimized websites can increase the visibility of many legal firms. Apply the above tips and find a legal SEO expert to help you in keyword optimization, along with the other aspects as well. It might take some time for you to build strong content for your law firm, but the efforts are worth it in the long run.