Effective Ways To Protect Your Business From Cyber Crime


Every company that conducts business online is at risk of cyber crime, crimes that are carried out online through Internet-enabled laptops, smart phones, game consoles and computers. If you are unaware of the risks companies take, when conducting business online, it is highly likely that you will become a victim. While it is nearly impossible to avoid contact with cyber criminals, it is possible to keep them at bay, if you follow the tips provided below.


Knowing Who Is Involved


Many business owners and their employees sign into the Internet to conduct business every day. In order to fully protect your business from cyber attack, it is important to know the players who are involved with this illegal activity.


Programmer – This skilled tech is responsible for writing and coding the viruses that are notable for infecting companies’ computer networks.


Hackers– These scammers do most of the physical work, as they are responsible for breaking into the company’s computer network. This is possible through computer network vulnerabilities.


Social Engineers – These professionals are behind the schemes utilized to trick individuals into providing their personal information to the hackers. These creative thinkers are always working on creating new schemes to con their victims.


Keep Operating System Updated


It is extremely important to keep your business’s operating system updated at all times. If you fail to follow this recommendation, you could very well become a hacker’s next victim. If you are utilizing Windows 8.1 or 10 Operating System, you will receive periodic update alerts. When you receive one of these alerts, just click on it to approve the update.


You can also look for updates by clicking on the “Start” feature and conduct a search for updates. Windows will scan through the data to see if there is an update for your computer. If an update is found, click the message to view and then select the update to install. To protect your company from a potential civil litigation, hire a licensed California attorney.


Block Access To Restricted Websites


If your employees spend most of their work shift on the Internet, it is possible that they will upload data to storage clouds from time to time. This data could potentially contain viruses, which would infect your computer network. A virus can easily attach itself to any type of program, including a spreadsheet program. By blocking your employees from uploading data, utilizing Internet filters, you will decrease your risk of obtaining a virus by at least 40 percent.


Install Risk-Assessment Software


Risk-assessment software and data-loss prevention work together to help business owners monitor their entire network’s activities, while detecting trespassers and events that could lead to a data breach. If you are unfamiliar with this software, you may want to consult with a security professional.


Monitor Employee Online Activity  


Online hackers are not the only individuals that can plague a business network. Some employees can also pose risks, especially those working on the inside with hackers. These employees are very deceptive and will do whatever possible to avoid detection. By monitoring your employees online activity, you will be able to catch any worker performing illegal activities online, before a breach happens.