Effective Ways to Simplify Your Business


It is not easy running a business. There are so many different things to be done and trying to juggle them all can be a nightmare. It can be difficult to know which task you should attack first, and then you get distracted and the whole thing changes. This is partly because business owners do not keep the businesses simple enough. They let them become complex and harder to run. There are ways to tone things down though, and not only will your business become an easier job, it will be more efficient and enjoyable.


Make yourself a list of the jobs you need to do. Don’t spend a long time on it, one word for each will do. Then mark them in order of importance. One of the things that should be near the bottom is answering emails. You should look at this first thing in the morning and once more later in the day. One study showed that people who work with their emails open, change what they are doing over 30 times an hour. That is a most inefficient way of working. Close your emails and look at them when it suits you.

Use Technology

Most things you do could be made simpler by technology. This does not mean you have to immediately go out and spend many thousands of dollars on new equipment and software. The best way to automate some of your tasks is to speak to some such as the experts at https://www.safebitsolutions.com/.  They have the knowledge to be able to advise you on the best way forward with technology for your business, but also like to keep things simple too.

Automating more of your business will fix any outdated processes as well, and as they become more efficient, so the business will become simpler to run.

Outsource Some Jobs

Outsourcing can be a huge help in simplifying your business. Just stop and think for a moment how much time you have to spend on social media, just as an example. Wouldn’t it be easier if someone else could do that for you? Of course, it would and the same applies to bookkeeping, website management, general admin, and a whole list of other things you try to do yourself.

There are many people who freelance that are very good at some of these jobs, and you only pay them for what they do. Getting rid of some of these jobs is so important that even some large companies with many staff, still outsource some of them.

The thing is that some tasks are very specialized, and it is better to use an expert as and when you need them than it is to employ someone who might not be so good.

Clean Your Desk

This might seem a bit silly, but you could be surprised how much simpler everything seems if you have a clean and clear desk to work on. It is a job that could take you just a few minutes, but a clean desk will put you in the right frame of mind to start the day’s work.


Simplify your business and you will become more productive and more successful too.