Efficiency and Safety on the Farm


No matter what industry you work in, ensuring that everyone is safe and utilizing efficient protocols is always important. This is no different on a farm, where multiple people are often working using dangerous equipment, dealing with the outside elements and sometimes scared or aggressive animals. Making sure that you’ve got the most efficient equipment and are practicing safe methods is of the utmost importance. 

Below, we’ve outlined a few tips below; ideas on how to be both efficient and safe on your farm.


PTO Safety

A PTO machine, or “power take-off” machine can describe any number of farm equipment/machines, from tractors on up to more heavyweight machines. These can be quite dangerous, especially if they are older models. Older models don’t always have guards to protect a person who is stepping over the moving parts of the machine. Investing in one of these guards (or upgrading to a machine that has a guard) is a great idea, but if you aren’t able to do so, practice basic safety measures when using PTOs. 


Always step over the PTO shaft carefully; always turn the machine OFF before getting on or off the machine; if your machine does have guards, replace them as needed; never grip the guard while the shaft is turning or if the machine is on; never let children or untrained people use the PTO, especially unattended. 


Hoof Trimming

If you have cows, or even horses, you’re not unfamiliar with the fact that you need to trim their hooves regularly. In the past, this was a hard job that could result in a person getting kicked and seriously injured if they weren’t careful. There was also risk to the animal, if the tool used was inefficient or unsafe. Naturally, you want to protect both the employee and the animal. Luckily, companies like Pomi (https://pomi.dk/en/safe-hoof-trimming.aspx) and others have come up with hoof trimmer boxes that are safe, easy to use and incredibly efficient. They ensure the safety of the animal while trimming the hooves easily and quickly. 



If you own a tractor, or have to haul animals from one stretch of land to another, you already know how much of a pain it can be driving on the open road in these types of vehicles. Other motorists are the main problem, as they show their annoyance through following too close, passing at dangerous spots, and being overall aggressive. But it can’t be helped; sometimes you simply have to drive on the open road, as is your right (follow all local laws to the letter – that goes without saying – at all times). 


Being savvy about local laws, your rights and how best to drive safely no matter what type of vehicle you are in is very important. Be aware of things like the height and width of your machine, whether or not you block lanes, the speed of your vehicle, the local roads (where you might be able to turn or pull over in case of emergency), and other significant details. Being cautious and aware when driving your machinery on the open road will not only protect you and your animals but other motorists as well. 

Follow these three tips to practice farm safety efficiently, and take the time to research other farm safety advice. There’s a lot of beneficial stuff out there.