Eight Advantages Of Insuring Your Carpentry Business


When you are working as a carpenter or hiring carpenters, you need insurance policies that will protect you, your business, and your staff. There are eight advantages listed well that explains how you can ensure your business and protect your interests. When you get insurance, you will take care fo a number of problems that would otherwise be difficult to manage on your own.


  1. You Are Insured Against Lost Wages


Any traditional business will lose money if clients cancel or the job is not funded properly. You can get an AUS trade insurance TradeRisk policy that will pay for business losses, and you do not need to worry about paying your staff out of your own pocket. You must have a contract for every job that will be covered under your insurance policy, and you can use that contract as evidence that the claim should be paid.


  1. You Are Insured Against Property Damage


You are insured against damage to your tools or the client’s property. You never know what could happen on a carpentry job, and your insurance will cover the cost of any damage that occurs. You could cause damage to your vehicles accidentally, or you may cause damage to your tools. Plus, damage may occur to your client’s property. You want to ensure that you are protected because you cannot afford to pay off damages, lose your vehicles, or repair your tools.


  1. You Are Insured Against Theft


You are insured against theft if you must leave your tools on the job site overnight. The policy will cover all business and personal property that may have been taken from the worksite. Plus, you can protect your clients from the loss of any items that may have occurred during the job. You do not want to think that your staff would steal, but you need this extra measure of protection just in case.


  1. You Are Your Staff Are Insured In Case Of Injury


You need insurance that will protect you and your staff if you are injured. Business insurance will pay for all medical claims that come about as a result of a workplace injury. You may be required by law to get workers’ compensation insurance, and that is why you need to make sure you have enough insurance to cover everyone. If everyone on your staff gets hurt during a job, the policy needs to cover everyone’s medical bills.


  1. Your Clients Have Peace Of Mind


Most clients will not hire you if you do not insurance. You can understand that clients do not want to hire people who are not insured, and you need a certificate of insurance proving that you have the appropriate coverage. Keep this certificate with you at all times to avoid any hang-ups with the contract of the job itself.


  1. You Can Cover Any Job You Do


Your insurance is a broad policy that will cover everything your business does. You simply need to make sure that you have a contract for each project. If you are doing work outside of a traditional contract, your insurance company may not pay your claim.


  1. You Are Required To Have Insurance To Get A License


You need insurance if you want to get a business license. You may like to do handyman work around town, but you cannot operate a proper business without insurance. The license should be displayed in your office, and you should show a copy of your license to any client who asks.


  1. You Have An Agent Who Can Help You


When you take out an insurance policy, you should work with an agent who can help you write the appropriate policy for your business. The agent will give you all the customer service you need, and they will help you file claims. If you do not have an agent, it may be hard to manage this part of your business.




The insurance that you get for your carpentry business will protect you and your staff. Plus, insurance gives your clients peace of mind and helps you get the business license you need. Find an agent who can help you write a policy so that you know you have enough insurance coverage.