Eight Innovative Ideas to Boost Your Instagram Engagement


Instagram is a visual medium unlike any other social media platform. However, like every other social media platform, the goal is to increase your followers and engage them consistently. It takes a unique set of skills to maximize marketing on Instagram. These marketing ideas will boost your Instagram traffic without getting you shunned for being too pushy.

Have a content plan

Each Instagram post needs to be unique and part of an overall plan. A post that that doesn’t represent or further your marketing campaign can throw off your whole profile. Instagram isn’t a medium where you can re-post the same content on multiple days.

Only post unique content

Invest in unique, tailored content for each social media platform. Great social media campaigns can attract the same followers across multiple platforms without spamming them with the same information. The audiences are unique, and you want your brand to shine on each platform.

Don’t sell directly

Instagram posts are more about quality than quantity. Brand efforts should focus on showcasing products and inspiring your followers. For the most part, users on the platform don’t support transparent sales efforts. Instead, focus on creating images that promote your brand in a creative, authentic way.

Use Instagram Stories

Stories are a relatively new format that allow you to present a slideshow rather than a single image or group of images. It is a timed progression of slides that tells a story which expires after 24 hours. Once created, though, they can be repurposed and reposted.

Advertise to attract followers

Advertising to a broad audience is the price of doing business. You must promote your account to gain followers. One simple way to start is to buy Instagram likes to boost the popularity of your posts. It’s a form of advertising that is very effective and can convert engaged viewers.

You can create sponsored ads that target your intended audience. Include a product image and tease a new launch, or offer a discount, but make sure that the messaging stays influential rather than pushy. You can promote a photo or a sale to a target audience and increase engaged followers.

Add tagged posts to your account

Encourage others to post and tag your account. You can manually choose to include the ones you like by clicking the three dots on your account and selecting Tagging options, followed by Add manually. Every time a customer tags you in a photo, you’ll be notified and have the chance to show the photo in your profile.

Measure your progress and adjust

Instagram’s business profiles give accounts more flexibility in engaging customers with a call to action and embedded links, but have a limited capacity for measuring account analytics. Consider using a third-party app like Iconosquare to give you more insight into post performance.

Engage your followers

Post unique content, use tools like Stories, and advertise your account to attract new followers. Once you have them, engage them and create a community by informing, entertaining, and inspiring your followers so that you can gently launch new products or promote a sale without seeming pushy.