Email Marketing Tips for a Successful Campaign


When used correctly email marketing is one of the most effective marketing campaigns. On average a successful email marketing campaign has a return on investment of $42 for every dollar spent. If you and your team are willing to take on the task your email marketing campaign can be successful, but it takes patience and hard work in order to ensure an email marketing campaign runs smoothly. 

It takes skill to be consistent in your communication efforts but not bombard your consumers. With that in mind, here are five email marketing tips that if put to use you’ll be sure to be on track for a successful campaign. 

Invest In Email Marketing Software

In order to fully reap the benefits of an email marketing campaign, you should invest in email marketing software. Email marketing software allows you to send and track mass email campaigns, while also giving you the tools that can segment your email list, increase your overall audience, and help combine your marketing channels. 

Good email marketing software can help grow your business and increase your revenue. It’s important to review all the email marketing software available to you and see what fits your budget while meeting all your needs. It’s important to evaluate different solutions to see what works for you. Assess ease of use, pricing, scalability, CRM integration options, and other factors important for your campaigns.  

Personalize Your Emails 

One of the biggest mistakes one can make in email marketing campaigns is sending stale emails. Make sure your emails are personalized to your business’s customers’ wants and needs. While addressing customers by their first name in your emails is a warm way to gain their trust, you have to do more. Stay relevant in your emails, include interesting links and intriguing pictures, encourage interaction with your prose and business. 

People will be more likely and willing to interact with email campaigns that pique their interest. Encourage responses from your consumers with targeted content. Be sure to include a visible unsubscribe button at the bottom of your emails. As silly as it may seem to be so willing to allow users to leave your email chain, it shows that you respect their decisions and aren’t trying to trick them into learning more about your service. 

Keep It Short and Sweet

The human attention span is consistently getting shorter. Playing into that knowledge can help your email marketing campaign succeed. Make your email campaigns direct. Keep your paragraphs short and your sentences tight, including relevant phrases and keywords that will stick out to your readers. 

Include relevant images but don’t use them to replace written content. Images can be hard for some devices to download due to their size and can even be blocked as spam, so it’s important to use them sparingly. Bullet points are a good way to keep people engaged when skimming through emails. Including a call to action within your prose is a good way to encourage engagement and track engagement at the same time, so think about how you can incorporate one every quarter or more. 

Ensure Emails Are Mobile Friendly

Scrolling through your emails on your phone has become as common as checking your social media profile. The more connected we are the more often we are to check-in. Roughly 66% of all emails were opened on smartphones or tablets last year, meaning the chances are high that your customer base will be scrolling through your messages on their phone. Test opening your emails on different browsers and devices prior to sending them to your audience. This way you can see if you need to adjust their mobile presentation. 

Test Constantly

There’s no worse feeling than submitting unfinished work, which is why you should never send out an email chain without testing it. Most email marketing software allows you to test their services prior to sending out your email chains. Ensure that any links included work properly, all images go through clearly, and that your email doesn’t end up in spam folders. 

Along with testing the software often, you should test out different subject lines, body styles, links, and questions posed to your audience. You’ll be surprised at what peaks your customers’ interests and encourages them to interact with your email marketing campaign.