Employee Compliance Training: How to Make It Engaging and Fun



Handling employee compliance training can be a very demanding task. Because it is compulsory, your audience may have a grumpy attitude towards the whole program. This is why you need to make your course as engaging and fun as possible.

This article will give you basic tips on how to achieve this and have your audience hanging on to your words. Before we go into all of that, we believe you should have a full understanding of what employee compliance training is and what its benefits are in a workplace.

What is Employee Compliance Training


Employee compliance training is any training that informs the employees of a company about the company’s rules, policies, and laws. The policies discussed in compliance training are usually specific to the job but may sometimes cover government-mandated laws concerning the industry. This training often covers varieties of topics like anti-harassment, cybersecurity, general work ethics, safety in the workplace, and so on.

Benefits of Employee Compliance Training


The following are the benefits a company will derive when employees fully understand the company’s policies:

  • Increased productivity
  • A decline in the rate of absenteeism
  • The reputation of the organization will be protected.
  • The risk of lawsuits will be reduced.
  • The workplace will be safer for everyone.

Tips to Make Compliance Training Fun and Engaging


The following tips will take your sessions from boring to fun and brilliant…

1. Make the Lessons Digital


Some companies are yet to understand just how important digitalizing things are now. Using the paper and pen method will not just be tedious for you but will also come off as being old fashion.  This is one sure way to make your audience tired, yawning, and counting the minutes for the end of the lesson, we are sure you do not want that.

Making the lesson digital will make the process cool and up to date.  It will also help the training much more engaging and assessable to the staff.  Visit here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_learning to learn more about digital learning. Compliance training is time-sensitive, and your lessons would require updating. So, another reason you need to make your lessons digital is that it will make updating your lessons easy and quick.

2. Try to Be Simple


In a bid to sound impressive, you may begin to use many technical terms. This is a bad idea; the lesson should be simple and clear so that every piece of information is properly communicated.

Give out the policies and laws in snippets that your audience will be quick to remember. Skip redundant details and try to avoid jargon where it is not necessary.

3. Use Related Scenarios


This also relates to keeping the lesson simple. You should be able to pass out information in relatable or real-life scenarios. Doing this has two major advantages: it makes your lesson less dry and technical, and it makes the audience have a real context of the policy being discussed.

4. Do not make the Lessons Lengthy


Most people do not like compliance training because of how long it takes. Therefore, you should consider microlearning. Give concise lessons that discuss one or two major objectives. These concise lessons will reduce the drudgery of the course and have employees looking forward to the next lesson.

5. Use Quizzes


Quizzes will keep the lesson interactive, reinforce learning, and let you know if you are doing a good job. You do not know how to create a quiz? Then click here to find out how to create a quiz using PowerPoint. There are several quiz types that you can create to achieve your aim. So, explore your options before you decide on one that will best suit your need.

6. Ensure the Lesson is Interactive


Avoid making the lesson simply passive, there should be constant interaction between you and your audience. Having quizzes as we have already mentioned is one way to keep the lesson interactive. You need to look for other methods to ensure interaction.

Keeping the lesson interactive is very important with compliance training. And it is not simply because you want to make the lesson fun but because you need to ensure your audience understands everything. Passive learning may result in the message flying over your audience, so you need to avoid this pitfall.



Compliance training is important to ensure the smooth running of affairs in a company. It does not only ensure the staffs are aware of the policies and regulations of the company, but it also provides safety for the company. This is why all companies have to ensure their employees go through this training.

However, most employees see this process as very boring and a waste of time but with the right tips, you can take your lessons from boring to fun and engaging.