Enhance Your Website Sales With This Guide


Your website is a vital factor for your business’s success. When it comes to enhancing website sales, the most important thing is your conversion rate. This is the amount of browsers who go on to buy from your site. Many businesses make the mistake of focusing on increasing visitor numbers to their site. Instead, of attempting to boost their online sales.


Increasing your business’s sales can have a massive impact on the success of your company. This is especially true if you are predominantly online-based. Of course the magic question is, how do you go about increasing your website’s conversion rates? The answer; by improving your understanding of what your customers need, and your site, to match these. It really is quite straightforward.



Here are the best techniques for boosting your website’s conversion rates:


Start by focusing on yourself


As any successful entrepreneur will tell you, the key to increasing online sales is ensuring that you understand the process. Far too many businesses launch a website thinking that with a little marketing, their products will sell. Sadly, however, that’s not the case.


If you want to boost your site’s conversion rates, you need to increase your understanding. This guide will, of course, help. However, getting some professional conversion optimization training is also crucial. Don’t stress about having to take time off of running your business to do the training, as it can be done online.


Make your website easy to use


The easier your site is to use, the more likely browsers are to buy from it. While this might sound super simple, you’d be surprised at how many company websites are hard to use. It’s such an easy concept, and yet many of us fail to get it right.


Start by ensuring that your site is accessible to customers – many sales sites are too hard to access. If your site is inaccessible, potential customers will go elsewhere to shop. They will then end up recommending your competitors to their friends. If your site’s inaccessible, you could lose up to 10 percent of your sales.


Does your site work in all browsers? Did you know that most website designers only take internet explorer into account? This means that on every other browser, your site is effectively broken. This means that often, potential customers who want to access your website can’t. If your site isn’t universal, you need to get that changed immediately. Unless, of course, you can’t afford to miss out on potential sales.


Make your site’s features bold. On your website, you need to make shopping as easy as possible for potential customers. The best way to do that is by making the features of your site, such as the ‘buy now’ and ‘checkout’ buttons stand out. So that the features on your site are easy for customers to see and navigate to.


Be clear


To increase sales, plenty of companies aren’t clear if a product is out of stock. However, if you want customers who will use your store again, you need to be clear when a product is out of stock. Customers appreciate honesty and don’t like false advertising. So always being clear about when something is out of stock is vital, if you want your customers to buy from you again.


Another tactic business owners use to drive sales is not mentioning the cost of shipping. However, a customer who buys an item for $50 and then finds out that shipping is $25, won’t be happy. And because of this, they may choose not to buy from you again. Always be clear about the cost of shipping, as well as the price of the item itself. That way, when a customer buys something, they will know before they buy it, how much the shipping will cost.


Don’t ask customers for too much information



One of the biggest mistakes that companies make is asking site users for too much information when creating an account. No one wants to have to answer multiple questions, especially if they are busy. So keeping the account sign ups short and sweet is an absolute must.


Name and email address are all you need for new customers, everything else should be optional. Don’t make the mistake of forcing users to add a telephone number to an email enquiry, as it may put them off using your site.


Be clear about returns


One thing that puts people off of buying products online is the returns process. Unlike when returning something to a store, returning an item to a website can be a lot more complicated. You’ll find that if your website has a good returns policy that’s simple to understand, that people will be happy to buy from you.


Offering free return shipping is a fantastic idea. As this shows customers that you’ll do everything that you can to help them find the right product. People don’t like to have to pay to return things, so having this in place will help to boost your sales. Instead of giving customers 28 days from the date of sale to return an item, give them 28 days from the time of delivery. (This will score you some brownie points, as everyone likes lots of time to return things.)


Always keep customers informed


When buying something, customers like to be kept informed. So make it your policy always to keep your customers informed about their purchase, from checkout to delivery. Offering free parcel tracking is a very good idea, as this will ensure that your customers are kept up to date at all times. Adding extra features to make the experience that your clients receive better, is a great idea. As this will ensure that they use your site again.


Boosting your online sales might seem difficult, but actually, it’s incredibly easy. All it takes is the right training and a website that’s easy to use and understand, and that’s it. To increase your conversion rates, all you need to do is take note of the advice in this guide.