Enriching the Minds of our Business


At Brilliant Energy, we think learning is very important. We have the mindset that you should not stop learning after graduating from school. Our team members, many of whom are new graduates, come in with an open mind that is ready to be filled with new knowledge that will better their careers and other aspects of their life.

As mentioned in our article about our open door policy, our on boarding process includes multiple days when new team members have the opportunity to learn about every department in the company, not just their own. This gives them a well-rounded view of the company as well as a taste of knowledge that they may not have learned in school.

During training, new team members get to work with their managers and new coworkers who show them the ropes of their position and continue to work with them afterwards, providing help and support when needed. This practice shows team members that they have managers as well as coworkers who can help them with questions. Having mentors is an essential and helpful part of our team members’ ability to make important business decisions.

Through our Brilliant University program, team members can learn or brush up on some soft skills such as teamwork and communication methods. Team members are also regularly given books and sent to seminars outside the company to strengthen their skillset. Team members are encouraged to make suggestions on what they would like to learn, whether it’s directly related to their positions or not, because we believe that any kind of learning can help team members achieve personal growth as well as bring creative new perspectives to the table.

We put a strong emphasis on teamwork and looking at things from every angle because we believe that everyone can provide a useful perspective. We strive to provide an environment where we can all learn from our managers, peers and outside sources to enrich our knowledge base. Helping our team members learn and grow is not only great for our company culture, but for our business and community as a whole.


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