Ensuring Consistency In Your Brand


Your brand needs an element of consistency to it; it needs to be something recognizable across all platforms you host a profile or a marketing campaign on, and that can be hard to pull off. No matter where you work, or what you do, building a brand takes a lot of effort, and an awful lot of consistency. 


After all, so many factors filter into what makes a good business brand design, and if you don’t know where to start with ensuring you build the same face each time, now’s your chance to learn a few of the most important things during these early stages. 

Keep Your Design Elements the Same


No matter where you’re posting your next campaign, the elements that make up the core of your brand design need to be the same. They need to be the same colors, invoke the same themes, say the same words for consumers to read, and they need to come together to form a bigger picture. 


Of course, images get presented in different formats depending on where they’re posted or how they’re hosted, but you can easily get around this potential issue. Set up templates, use a proper web designer or social media expert, and always give the designs a once over before you allow them to be approved. 


Post Your Message Across the Office


The office is one of the main places you should be posting your brand, for all to see. Because your staff not only help to run the business on a daily basis, but they also represent what you business is about, and that very much makes up the core of your brand. So, it might be time to think about the design of your office; does it speak to you in the same way your logo does? 


You need to have the right colors paired up here; white walls are all well and good, but if your logo combines blue and red, it might be worth it to decorate the office the same way. Not to mention the use of Custom Made Stencils to ensure your brand name is displayed proudly wherever you feel it should be! 


Find the Right Designer


If you’re using someone outside of the office to design your brand logos and images for you, make sure you have the right designer on your side. Make sure you’ve got consistency throughout their work as well – every single designer is going to have a different approach to making something for you, and you need to be happy with the final result. 


Feel free to chop and choose between every designer you bring onboard; make sure they know what you’re looking for, and that they go for the design you want, rather than incorporate their own stylings into the images they create. 


Consistency throughout your brand needs to be at the core of how you market yourself. Consumers like routine, and have shopping habits, so fit yourself into their world view.