Ensuring Your Building Exterior Reflects Well On Your Brand



As a business, we should consider almost any practice and asset we hold to be a marketable factor. For instance, hiring staff is not solely a beneficial means of acquiring talent, they will also reflect the image of your brand for better or worse. This can come through the interactions they have with your clients on a daily basis, the social media posts they curate in their personal lives, or simply how well they wear their uniform while visible to the public.


There are many things that reflect on the image of our brand, but it’s easy to forget some of the most fundamental due to how obvious they are. Your building, that is your offices, your warehouse, or your public-facing retail store is defined in this way, no matter what category it falls under.


After all, if your building is stained with moss and unkempt brickwork, your firm and brand will seem disheveled, and unwilling to make changes where fully necessary. You can avoid this fate. 


In the following advice, we’ll teach you a few solid principles of exterior building management to make things more pleasant for your staff and customers alike:


Parking Allowances


It’s important to make sure that your exterior environment allows for comfortable parking. Dividing the parking spaces apart correctly can avoid disputes or collisions from taking place. Safety mirrors can lend visibility around tight corners. Disabled spots allow for those with mobility issues or extra needs to more easily access your building, and safely guarding these prized parking spaces is also an important practice to keep up.


Furthermore, parking spaces, especially in the middle of a busy town or city, can be hotly contested. If you’re certain that these spaces belong to you, it’s important to secure them appropriately, and to penalize anyone who uses them for alternative means. You may be able to work out a deal with private parking providers if your staff regularly use them, such as yearly bills paid by your company. This can then be an opt-in scheme within your business taken out of the wages of those who volunteer. This way, you have secured worthwhile parking for those in your company despite the lack of exterior space you may hold.


It might be that investing in space and ensuring your own private parking area can help you secure more people coming in and out of your building. When you can integrate logistical considerations like this, you’ll benefit in no uncertain terms.




The safety of your exterior environment is also important. From using K&E Flatwork services to ensure that the concrete-applied environment is uniform and the kerbs are well maintained to using height limiters to prevent overly large vehicles from using your parking spaces, safety should be your prime concern. If it’s on your property, odds are you’re responsible for it.


Of course, it might be that you install a sign notifying your guests that the contents of their vehicles are not your responsibility. Additionally, safety can also mean ensuring that the road markings are well painted each year and highly visible. Making sure the lights are reliable in the midst of winter is an important factor, too.


CCTV cameras can help you observe the goings-on outside of your building from all angles, allowing you to more directly contribute to a solution should you notice a problem taking place. This may help you avoid thefts, or crime from taking place near your business environment. Safety may also mean opening another entrance to your loading bays, to ensure that no visitors need navigate around large delivery trucks. It’s all about the details when it comes to safety, and that is intimately tied to:




Security is intimately tied to the proper maintenance of your exterior space, because without it, you may miss several events or difficulties that will impede the integrity of this environment. Anti-climb paint applied to your fences can prevent thefts from taking place, as can CCTV, as can the hiring of nighttime guards with regular patrols.


Security may also include floodlights that are motion-sensitive, anti-graffiti coats on certain walls, and ensuring that the exterior environment is free from litter at all times. Working with the police can also be an important venture to consider, because it’s not uncommon for thieves or drug users to operate in industrial parks or near businesses that are closed at night. Security of this nature not only protects your business, but protects the property you operate on. After all, the last thing you need is the effects of these actions impacting your staff members or guests.




Further logistical analysis here can be a worthwhile use of your time. Logistics may involve ensuring that traffic moves in the correct direction outside of your building, or that the revolving doors are clearly marked for entrance or exit usage. Sometimes, logistics can mean placing your cycle rack or smoking area far away from the entrance to avoid collisions or thick clouds of smoke guests have to walk through.


Logistics can also mean placing bollards around your building to prevent unruly vehicles from mounting the curb and causing damage. It’s important to think of the very many ways your environment could be impeded, and from there, enact a possible solution. What happens if a truck driver takes a wrong turn? What do you do with a parking dispute? How can you telegraph, clearly, your opening hours and fair use of your exterior property? How can you protect your business against vandalism at night? These logistics can help you put plans in motion to secure and defend your building and property, and from there allow its condition to reflect on your brand well.


Condition & Upkeep


The condition and upkeep of your building matters. If you find that your brickwork is starting to deteriorate, constructive maintenance can be important. If it’s just looking dated, you may wish to try brick slips or brickwork cladding to help add a protective aesthetic shell, helping the building feel uniform in design and in top quality condition.


Sometimes, investing in something as simple as a power washer can help you avoid the debris formed by dust, or the damage from bad weather from forming and solidifying. Condition and upkeep also means safety as a first priority. Removing icicles from your gutter pipes first thing in the morning, gritting the road outside of your building to prevent black ice, and simply placing enough trash cans around to prevent litter (or cigarette trays to prevent fires) is an essential part of exterior upkeep.




Of course, all of the above effort can mean little if people fail to recognize your presence in that location. If your retail warehouse is hard to find due to bad signposting, the most well-maintained parking space in the world will be functionally useless.


So, why not invest in your signposting? Great branded signs on the interstate, or leading into your road, or as a large banner on the side of your building can attract people to your premises, and that’s an organic means of bringing said people in. Signposting can also mean lighting up the building at night in a beautiful manner, or taking excellent photographs for your social media profiles as well as associated map information. This way you will be loudly and proudly encouraging guests to arrive, or it may just show you have pride in your offices and connection to the local community.


With this advice, we hope your exterior building will continue to reflect well on your brand.