Entrepreneur Extraordinaire: Quinton C. Oswald


The entrepreneurial spirit birthed the elusive ‘American dream’. Either as one’s country of origin or one’s country of choice, America’s economic backbone has been built on the acumen and ingenuity of leaders with good ideas who follow them through to fruition. Quinton Oswald Vero Beach Florida is one such individual. After 30 years of experience in big Pharma and bioscience, Oswald embarked on his first start-up company in 2009. From there, his experience skyrocketed as he moved from company to company and idea to idea.


Quinton C. Oswald’s Experience


While Oswald retired in December of 2018, he was formerly a man of many hats, including the CEO of Notal vision, a cloud-based telemedicine company working with ideas of how to implement AI tools. He was also the CEO of Neurotech and before that, he was SARcode bioscience’s CEO. He was a key part of the clinical advancement of Xiidra: treatment for dry-eye disease. Also as vice president and the business unit head of Genetech’s tissue growth and repair business, he oversaw the hugely successful commercial introduction of Lucentis: treatment for wet AMD. Prior to that, he was the leader of the North American Ophthamology sector of Novartis. Through Oswald’s efforts and the partnering of Novartis with QLT Inc., the first drug treatment for wet AMD was born: Visudyne.


The Power of Ideas


There is no doubt that Oswald made a big splash in his chosen industry and field, and one has to wonder what personal qualities he attributes that success to. According to Oswald, his life philosophy is to never stop being curious, never stop having ideas, and never stop trying to take those ideas from their initial seed-status to full-scale growth and fruition. Oswald believes that the secret to successful ideas is strategic forethought and planning. Before he would attempt to execute an idea, he would do his due diligence to ensure every aspect of that idea had been considered from a variety of angles. He would also spend a lot of time getting to know who the other though-leaders in that area were and attempt to bring them on board.


Healthcare for the Future


Oswald spent the bulk of his career in the health-care industry, so it is understandable that its future both entices and excites him. What Oswald most wants to see for the future of healthcare is home-based healthcare that uses AI to monitor patients from their homes. Through remote-monitoring devices, their conditions will be observed and changes in medication or needs for treatment will be communicated to their doctor through the device when necessary. Oswald sees this as a huge potential for the future of the American healthcare system and predicts that it could become the cornerstone of personalized medicine.


Advice to Other Entrepreneurs


The entrepreneurial spirit is not only based on the merits of hard work, good ideas, and ingenuity, it is also based on the powers of networking and community. Oswald shares in the belief that team-building and idea-sharing is an integral part of any successful entrepreneurial endeavour, and he advises those starting out to pay attention to any and all ideas, regardless of who or where they come from. There is no business rule that says the best ideas can’t come from the unlikeliest of people and places, and keeping your mind open to that possibility is a valuable asset in the business world.


Individuals like Quinton C. Oswald remind us that anything is possible. Through his dedication to and experience within the healthcare industry, Oswald exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit and the importance of ideas and their follow-through from an initial through to a full-scale initiative.