Entrepreneurs Are Obsessed With Virtual CIOs, But Why?


CIO stands for chief information officer. If there’s a problem with your company’s computer systems, they’re the person you go to for assistance. 

In the past, CIOs were the preserve of big business, but according to www.lighthouseit.us, there’s a new game in town – the virtual CIO or vCIO. These guys provide all the regular functions of the CIO, but without the need for business owners to the hassle of employing them.

It sounds fanciful. Now businesses can outsource the C-suite? Really? People are rightly skeptical. 


It turns out, though, that it is true. Technology has made it possible for some firms to outsource their network management to other people who they do not employ directly. It’s a massive organizational shift. 


Would you like to find out why entrepreneurs are so obsessed with vCIOs? Take a look at the following reasons why. 


They Increase Cybersecurity


Today’s businesses are paranoid about their data – and rightly so. The number of high-profile breaches over the last five years or so has been truly staggering. What’s more, people with the right cybersecurity skills are in short supply, making it hard for companies to defend themselves against the threats that are out there. 


Virtual CIOs help companies skirt around the current skills shortage. They provide the necessary expertise but don’t have to appear on the company payroll, meaning that they can serve other companies too. 


They Implement New Technologies


CIOs also have a lot of expertise in the realm of software solutions and can help companies update outdated networks.


The range of products out there for businesses is truly mind-boggling, making it almost impossible for amateurs to make good decisions. vCIOs allow enterprises to connect software solutions with their overall strategy according to www.forbes.com, enabling them to enhance competitiveness. Implementing new technologies helps to streamline workflows and generate enhanced customer experience. 


They Deal With All The Headaches, So You Don’t Have To

Any entrepreneur who has been in the game for any length of time knows that IT issues are a massive headache. Worse still, once you think you’ve solved one problem, another pops up to replace it. It’s an endless game of whack-a-mole. 


vCIOs, by contrast, allows you to unload this responsibility onto somebody who actually knows what they’re doing. You get better support than you’d receive in-house, and you have a weight lifted from your mind. 


They Manage Your Network Properly


The biggest cause of downtime isn’t hackers penetrating your systems – it’s the network itself struggling to keep up with the demands you place on it. Servers and internet connections can only cope with so many concurrent users before they chug to a halt and fail. 


The role of the vCIO, therefore, is to make sure that things keep humming along as they should, without incident. With their skills, you can identify bottlenecks in your system and deal with them before they put your networks out of action. 


vCIOs, therefore, are a service that you can use at low cost to ensure that your network remains up and running without incident.