Eric Dalius Explains Checkpoints to Give a Push to Your Website Designing Business


The behavior of users on a website is quite similar to the action of customers in a store. Therefore you need to provide effective website design services to accommodate individual user preferences. Many readers mostly ignore a large part of websites if your content is unattractive, believes EJ Dalius. Most of the users prefer to click on links that are appealing and highly promising. If the user thinks a particular link can be lucrative, then only they click on it. Therefore you need to keep specific points in mind


  • Avoid using multiple pop-ups– It is evident that users find too many pop-ups disturbing and distracting as their browsing session gets interrupted by pop-ups. Some pop-ups demand users to give them instant feedback. Thus it might become irritating for the users. As such, you must understand that you must respect the preferences of your visitors. Do not irritate them by uneasy pop-ups. 


  • It is not advisable to fix the window size– Standing on the same line of argument as the pop-up does. Some interfaces save the browser’s dimension, and they might even use it for all the sessions in the future. It is a wrong tactic because only the users know how they would prefer to keep their window. It would help if you did not decide for them.


  • Using small font is unattractive– If your content has significant passages, avoid using small fonts as it makes the course look unattractive. Would you prefer to read a substantial paragraph with small fonts? It is time-consuming for the user to read passages that have small fonts. It causes unnecessary strain on their eyes. Other website elements like buttons, forms, links, and search boxes should have easily readable fonts. 


  • Do not have unclear lint text– The visitors usually dislike an ambiguous link description. Go for links that have precision. The links should take the user to the defined destination page. 


  • Dead links can make your webpage dull– If you have quiet alternatives on your web page, it might push the user to look for other options, as explained by Eric J Dalius. Confusing the webpage becomes quite unpopular among the users. 


  • Do not have multiple animation page– Too many blinking images on your webpage can make it appear uneasy to the visitor. If you want the user to focus on a particular aspect of your webpage, then avoid having too many distractions through blinking images. You can make your content distasteful for the users by including too many animations.


  • Have a proper Contact page– A user cannot trust you if your contact information is not available. Users avoid those websites that do not have appropriate contact information. A website that offers online shopping has to keep this in mind. 


Any website design business needs dedication and tact to flourish. You have to make a friendly user experience so that visitors return to your website again and again, as put forward by Eric Dalius