Eric Mautner, CEO of SDS Global Services – SDS delivers! No matter what!


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He recently interviewed Eric Mautner, CEO of SDS Global Services. Eric graduated from Boston University, cum laude with BS in Accounting and attained his CPA license in 1988. A member of the AICPA, Eric entered the Logistics industry in 1998 as a partial owner of Need It Now Courier. Currently the President of Need IT Now/SDS Global Logistics Family of Logistics companies, with one business partner, Barry Wolf, his holdings include Luggage Free, and offices in numerous U.S. cities.

Tell me about your firm.
Our company, SDS Global Logistics, was founded in 1943 by John Racioppo as a local trucking company. Today, the company has grown from a one-man operation, to a company with numerous product lines, over 100 employees and the capacity to deliver anything, anywhere in the world. SDS Global Logistics is run by CEO Eric Mautner, headquartered in Woodside, New York. SDS also has locations in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. SDS has acquired partnerships with quality organizations such as Need it Now Couriers to enhance their core business and built up an enterprise with talented people, modern equipment, strategically located properties and innovative shipping technology.

Tell me about a time your company went above and beyond for someone (a customer, a vendor, an employee, etc)?
A newspaper company was missing a crucial piece for its assembly line and wouldn’t be able to print the morning edition if the piece wasn’t delivered in time. A machine parts company contacted us and we flew not one, but TWO planes out from different parts of the country, each carrying the missing part to the newspaper’s headquarters. Whichever one got there first they would use. The part was delivered in time, thus helping maintain regular circulation of this newspaper.

Why was this time “special”?
We got the call for the delivery at 5 p.m. and had the machine part delivered by midnight. SDS was willing to do whatever it took, leaving no room for error was key in keeping our client’s business functioning seamlessly.

Did this experience alter your company’s Best Practices?
No, as SDS is consistently committed to ship and deliver products by any means necessary. We always provide a broad range of quality logistics solutions that are cost-effective and trouble-free.

Is this a common in your industry?
I don’t believe so because many logistics companies do not go to the extremes that SDS does. For example, we were hired to make a delivery in a snow storm. All flights were cancelled. We secured a truck with two drivers so they could take turns sleeping while the other was driving. The shipment arrived in time regardless of the treacherous conditions. SDS delivers! No matter what!

Contact information: 
Eric Mautner, CEO, SDS Global Logistics,, 212-989-1919

Thanks so much, Eric, for taking the time to talk with us today. We should start a company wide chant for your employees: “SDS Delivers! No Matter What!” I love that.

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