Essential New Café Equipments You Must Have in Your Cafe



If you are planning on starting a cafe, there are a few equipments that you must have to begin. Some of these equipments are found in your kitchen while some of them you will need to purchase. With the rise of technology and new trends in the market, you need to know your equipments. While furnishing and the design of your café is important, these equipments are the most important and you need proper planning to purchase or install them. Here are a few equipments that range as the most important equipment:

  • A water heater

A water heater is most important. While cleaning dishes and cleaning café equipments, you will require warm or hot water. Purchasing a commercial water heater will ensure that there is sufficient supply of hot drinks during the day. You will also be able to maintain the appropriate temperature level during the winter or cold seasons. Invest in a heater that will help you with all the hot water requirements you may need. It should also heat the water instantly and the supply should be uninterrupted.

  • Espresso coffee machine

The coffee culture seems to be growing by the day. The main reason why most people step into a café is to get coffee. A good espresso coffee machine will ensure that there is an unlimited supply of coffee. To know the best type of machine to buy, you need to write down what suits you best. You need to also write down your coffee needs. The machine should also have a large holding capacity and be from a good brand. If you have a small café that gets lots of customers, you can consider buying a large espresso machine.

  • A commercial refrigerator.

Other than selling coffee, a café also needs to sell cold drinks and a range of snacks. These other items might need to be stored in a cold place. Buying a new commercial refrigerator will ensure that the snacks and beverages are kept in the right temperature. It will also last for longer than a used commercial refrigerator. The refrigerator must be among the cafe solutions new equipment range. Without refrigeration services, most of your food and snacks may go bad. The refrigerator should be large enough to store all your snacks but not too big that it takes much of your space.

  • Three or two compartment sink

Running a café means having to spend most of your time cleaning. If you are tired of the single sink compartment, you can simply buy a sink with more compartments. The sink enables you to wash, rinse and sanitize your equipments. It will also build your reputation of hygiene and cleanness.

  • A proper food preparation table

If you have handmade items, you will need to buy a clean and proper food preparation table space. This too could build or break your café’s reputation. You also need to buy or build proper cabinets to help in storing dishes.