Essential Office Equipment Skills Every Administrative Assistant Needs


One of the first things employers expect from administrative assistants are office skills. Here are the most essential office equipment skills to know.

Did you know that you can make a great career as an administrative assistant and secretary?

After all, they earn about $38,880 each year. That translates to about $18.69 per hour, and it only requires a high school diploma to start.

If you’re planning to become an administrative assistant and chase this type of salary, you’ll need the necessary office skills to succeed. It’s especially important if you’re trying to use office equipment since it needs a degree of expertise. In this guide, you’ll learn the most important office equipment skills for your administrative assistant job.

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Crucial Equipment Skills

There is a lot of office equipment that needs your expertise. It’s especially important now due to the digital age when almost everything needs basic computer knowledge. For example, you can check these copy machine options, all of which need technical knowledge.

Here are some office equipment skills you need to learn:

  1. Technology Skills

A lot of administrative assistants need to work with office software programs. These will include databases, word processing, spreadsheets, and graphic presentation software. That means you need to have proficiency with the Microsoft Office suite, exhibiting comfort and skill while using them.

You need to have these traits since your boss will rely on you to keep their presentations, manuals, newsletters, website content, and marketing material to look professional. A lot of employers also expect you to know how to send messages using email and other forms of social media messaging platforms.

  1. Communication Skills

Busy offices need assistants that use friendly communication. It’s to help interact with a wider range of people, mostly other employees. This enables you to have an effective information exchange concerning your office’s operations.

For example, you need to handle the procedures for directing mail and requesting for more office supplies. Once you become a senior administrative assistant, you’ll need to train and supervise new employees. In most cases, you’ll need to check on the new filing clerks, typists, and receptionists in your office.

Keep note you should also have top-notch written and verbal communication abilities. It’s important when you’re trying to distribute tasks, give instructions, and give the right kind of feedback. This also applies to your clients, meaning you’ll need a strong interpersonal skill to make positive connections.

  1. Organizational Skills

You need to have the ability to think with a level head while juggling a lot of duties at the same time. It’s necessary to set your priorities and develop a course of action through workdays, no matter how hectic they are. Bosses like assistants that have the means of managing their calendar, giving them reminders on upcoming meetings and deadlines.

Another responsibility you have is organizing records and other important files. You need to do it using an efficient filing system while tracking incoming calls. You should have the means of storing, retrieving, and shredding confidential documents.

With that said, you need to do all of these according to the data management protocols established by your office. As an assistant, adherence to these rules is important. That way, no vital information will leak out.

  1. Writing Skills

It’s a necessity to have standard written English skills as well as business English. It’s easy to achieve, as long as you’re willing to get a course in business communication or writing. In most cases, these courses are available in community colleges, vocational schools, and e-learning.

The quality of office correspondence will improve if you have good writing skills. Emails and memos will look more professional if you have an eye for detail. This allows you to proofread important business documents.

  1. Time Management Skills

As an effective administrative assistant, you need to value punctuality the most. You should have an electronic calendar in email programs for time management. It allows you to know and schedule meeting times suitable for all the people involved.

Assistants need to meet deadlines as much as possible. You should have the ability to adjust your priorities whenever unforeseen problems happen. With that, you should use your time to achieve an excellent level of productivity.

  1. Office Coordination Skills

As an assistant, you’re tasked to manage your office’s operations. It needs to happen since the work should flow without any interruptions or distractions. Office equipment maintenance is a must since it will ensure that you place repair orders in time.

You’re also required to make an inventory of supplies and order them when they’re low. To do this, you’ll usually need knowledge related to basic booking. This enables you to track your purchases and stay within your office’s budget.

  1. Administrative Service Skills

In some offices, you’ll direct other employees’ actions. With that, you also need to make recommendations to make them perform better. If your boss is busy with other things, you need to manage all clerical personnel and handle other staff members’ requests.

Management skills are easy to develop, as long as you go for courses. Some employers are willing to offer you these for free. Otherwise, professional organizations, local colleges, and other online learning outlets are good alternatives.

  1. Problem-solving Skills

You’re a problem solver, meaning you need to resolve a myriad of issues in your office. That means you should fix your boss’s schedule whenever unforeseen obligations happen. You also need to facilitate discussion to resolve conflicts among office personnel and find a compromise.

You’re also required to correct mistakes in orders while keeping your clients satisfied.

Master These Office Equipment Skills!

These are the essential office equipment skills you need as an administrative assistant. You shouldn’t limit yourself to learning how to operate office appliances. If you’re not sure where to start, these skills are great to ensure that you get hired by a reputable company.

Don’t hesitate to take courses and improve yourself. Remember, businesses only pick the best among their applicants. Be the best you can be and become a great administrative assistant.

You can improve even further by reading additional guides. We’ve got you covered, offering a plethora of other articles you can read and learn from!