Essential Roof Maintenance: What you Should Know


Ask any seasoned homeowner what is the most important component of a house and they gladly will confirm it is the roof. This is the home’s main protection against the elements and you should regularly inspect every square metre of your roof, looking for missing roof tiles or other issues. If you take a look at your roof from ground level, you might be able to see 40% of the surface, plus you’re a long way from the roof, making an inspection ineffective.

Local Roofing Contractor

When looking for roofing repairs in Sydney, the contractor would be happy to carry out a thorough roof inspection and he would clean out your guttering while he’s up there, which is an essential task that keeps open an escape route for excess rainwater. The roofer would make a list of small jobs that need to be done and with your approval, he would carry out the work, leaving your roof in tip-top condition.

Annual Roof Inspection

Ask your local roofing contractor to add your property to his list of inspections; for the little it costs, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your roof is in good order. This is called preventative maintenance and works on the principle that the quicker you do a repair, the least amount of damage will be caused.

Missing Roof Tiles

While the average roof tile is quite heavy, it is not nailed tight to the roof batons, rather it sits on the ridge and gale force winds can easily rip roof tiles off. A few missing tiles that go unnoticed will result in damage to the timber joists and rafters, as rainwater will enter the roof. After a bout of heavy weather, take the time to walk around your property, looking specifically for missing roof tiles and debris that might have been blown onto the roof. If you’re working from home due to the pandemic, click here for a few tips.

Guttering & Downpipes

Heavy rain is a frequent visitor to most parts of Australia and this requires a system to channel the water down to the ground, namely the guttering and downpipes. Leaves and small twigs easily catch and that starts a dam-like build up and that leads to a serious blockage; water streaming down the exterior walls is not ideal and should be avoided by cleaning out the guttering and downpipes. This is especially pertinent if you have trees overhanging the roof and the roofing contractor has all the right tools to clean out the inner surfaces, keeping a good flow channel for excess rain.

Fascia & Soffit

These are typically made from timber and protect the roof edge and the underside of the eaves; many Australian homeowners replace these with sections of PVC, which comes in many colours and requires zero maintenance. A nice contrasting colour really adds character to the property and with wide stainless-steel guttering, the system is very effective.

Regular roof inspections ensure that all is well and with the odd repair, your roof will provide protection from the harsh Australian climate for many years to come.