Establishing Yourself As A Leading Business


Businesses face a fierce challenge on their hands every time they go to bid for a contract. There are always plenty of businesses vying for the work, and so it is important for you to stand out. Below, we reveal some top tips on how to establish yourself as a leading business and win work.

There are many ways you can establish yourself as a force in your sector. Firstly, you need to acquire as many stamps of quality as possible. This includes qualifications, accreditations, and signing up with professional industry bodies. By doing this, you can incorporate logos onto your website that project managers and procurement professionals will be aware of. They will instantly see that your company is one with a high standard of working practices. 

Aside from this, all businesses need a professionally designed website, which brands your business effectively. This should incorporate a portfolio whereby you have videos of your work, as well as details on a couple of projects. This will give potential buyers a unique insight into the way you work, which will, again, assure them of your high levels of quality. 

Aside from this, establish yourself on social media and post insightful and informative blogs. This will increase your exposure online and show you as experts in your field. Testimonials from companies you have worked with in the past are worth their weight in gold. Make sure these are left via independent review platforms, so there are no questions regarding authenticity.

How To Win Projects

Businesses have a number of different ways in which they can increase their chances of winning a project. If you feel that you are not winning as much work as you would like, read on for some top tips that can help you to improve your chances.

Firstly, make sure you’re bidding on the right projects. While it helps to have a collection agency on hand for clients that don’t pay, you need to conduct due diligence to ensure you’re working with clients that aren’t likely to let you down.

You need to ensure that your business is presented as a trusted, reliable, and high-quality firm. There are a number of ways you can make sure this is the case. 


Firstly, you will need a professional website – one that shows your business off in the best possible light and reflects your brand identity. On this website, you should include a case study section. Here, you should incorporate details regarding the work you have carried out previously. This will help to show your high standards and ensure you stand out from other businesses


Joining a professional association is another way to show buyers that your business operates to the highest standards. After all, you will have to meet stringent criteria in order to be accepted into such a trade association. Presenting yourself on reputable, industry-related websites is another way to increase exposure and boost your brand image. 


Aside from this, businesses need to ensure that all proposal documents are perfectly put together to give you the best chance of being accepted. This involves careful planning, addressing the client’s needs, standing out from the competition, and including relevant work examples.