Exchange Affiliate Program: What Is It and How To Find Best One


 On the cryptocurrency exchanges operating on the Web today, it is possible to organize not only active earnings by crypto trading, but also a passive option for making a profit.  It is implemented through referral programs, also referred to as partnership cooperation systems.  This is a real way of earning money, which can be implemented in parallel with speculation in cryptocurrencies.

 Each site provides various bonuses, conditions and rewards in affiliate programs.  Everywhere, the number of users invited through a personal link who regularly trade cryptoassets is of paramount importance. 

 We will analyze in detail the relevant proposals from the administrations of reputable crypto-exchanges, where the most favorable conditions for cooperation in partnership crypto affiliate programs.

What are Crypto Affiliate Programs

 Trading platforms need new customers and are willing to pay those who can help attract them.  For this, exchanges create crypto affiliate programs.  Their members recommend the project on social networks or on other platforms, and receive a reward for each attracted user.

For digital asset exchanges, an affiliate program is a way to expand your audience, and for customers it is an additional source of income.  Each trading platform creates its own terms and conditions for participation.  There are no universal crypto affiliate programs.  Each one is unique

 Another question, without which it is difficult to understand what crypto affiliate programs are – how to make money with their help.  Due to the difference in approach, in the case of each platform, there will be a different answer.  Let’s consider the popular options.

Unlimited Program from

 The launch of the affiliate program took place in December 2016.  Anyone can become its participant.  All that is required is to register on the platform, copy the link from your personal account and place it on any resource to attract new users. offers 30% of referral commissions for purchases and exchanges of cryptocurrencies on the exchange.  Tools for monitoring the activity of attracted users and the level of income are located in your personal account.  You can get payments for referrals from in three steps:

Three steps:

  • get a link
  • invite users
  • get a reward

 There is no time frame in the crypto affiliate program.  One participant can connect an unlimited number of referrals.  In this case, the profit from their activity will be summed up.  There are no restrictions on the level of earnings

 Funds for attracted referrals are credited once a day to the user’s dollar wallet.  Earnings can be withdrawn to a Visa or MasterCard.  In this case, the commission will be $ 3.80 per operation.


 Each affiliate program has its own advantages and disadvantages.  Exchanges have the right to establish their own requirements for referrals and affiliates.  Before choosing a program, you need to carefully study its conditions.  You also need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  •   Not all exchanges allow you to endlessly receive income from a referral.
  •   Even anonymous exchanges may require personal information to connect to the affiliate program.
  •   Some trading platforms have high requirements for connecting to affiliate programs.

 Also, before choosing an crypto affiliate programs, you need to make sure that the user’s jurisdiction is suitable for its terms.