Facebook and Social Media Marketing – The Secret to Transforming Businesses



Social networking websites are not a medium of time wasting as Social Media is an impressive source of promoting for all of the brands. It is offering the platform to all types of brands. Most of the companies have expanded their empire with the help of Social Media.  It has increased the brand awareness and loyalty for the users. It has achieved the success of getting customer’s delights and gives an increase in the traffic. This increases the popularity of the company. The Social Media is expanding popularity to many new businesses. On the wall of Social Media, the customer is free to express its views. It is high-speed and easy sharing; it brings more name to the product. Sharing the brands is the goal of the Social Media, and they know how to achieve them.

Benefits of social networking

People are moving towards the exciting world of marketing to target audiences through social networks. They appreciate the astounding growth of Facebook. It has generated millions of members and still, it is flourishing.  Facebook has many members of different tastes. If one is planning to set up a business, then the person needs to find the niche for increasing their database in the numbers. Although, it’s not so easy to get the customers of a particular niche social media is making a remarkable effort in this.

Changes in social networking use

There is a significant change in the social networking websites to the user of every age. Researchers have shown that there are billions of users are using the Facebook. Many of the inhabitants are using internet marketing. Even asking from friends, one will prefer about their friend’s opinion.  Another relevant feature is that it has dozens of fabulous features, which are immensely interactive with the grabbing as well as exciting features. Through it, one needs to target application for the page which is on Facebook, which will be in the form of polls or even to quizzes. This will also allow visitors for more involvement as well as increase their connection with the page.  There are Facebook Quizzes that arouses the curiosity of the visitors of the website.

Facebook and followers

It will create the more lasting relationship with the followers too. One can customize of these fan pages and easily get different achievements from each application. The visitors will get the fun, entertaining, and fun. The users can provide expertise to have for you. One needs to make the frequent update to the fan page. The company will reach the too much broader news. Although it is not a big step, sometimes small steps make significant differences.

Facebook highlights an option of Facebook applications. The visitors will get the “f” applications highlighted on the toolbar when a user clicks on the link that implies “Browse More Applications” etc. This will give an ample of applications. It can be games also. It offers the applications like the personality test, random phrases, luck cookies, etc.

Self-promotion through social media

Most of the non-tech persons think that they cannot promote themselves through social media networking. But there are opportunities of using these websites. Some of the benefits are mentioned here:

  • They are very simple, and there is no need to learn any advanced technology.
  • One must know to open the browser and then they can open them on it.
  • Facebook is very fast and easy in the process of activation. This is the reason everyone likes it.
  • It helps in communicating in a very short span of time.
  • The use of applications and quizzes as well as other activities increase the flow of the visitors.

Why not use Facebook as a marketing tool?

The user can attract more traffic to the website: when someone sends links to the site, it will be seen to all, maybe some fans or followers. When they like the post and share it, it is further seen by the members of their account. Thus, creating more likes and shares.

Fabulous Income: When the users advertise on Facebook, one can target the customers, and they need not spend on the demographic condition, this will increase more sales.

Customer loyalty: The more the company will engage, more the loyalty will come to the user.

Information more about customers and know them all: The Facebook carries the quality of detailed analytics by combing quizzes and polls. The promoter will know customer very well.

The two main things that are the factors of increased business on Facebook are:

Sales made on online: As Facebook ad drives more traffic to the website. One can set the page up which works as a store. The visitors can make sales from the Website by clicking on it. One can even make sales from the website by interacting the prospects.  Other is likes because Facebook is all about priority for reaching goals and customers.

Author bio: Marcus Skaggs is known for providing top-notch quality blogs on social media networking service. In this post, he has written about promoting brands and products through Facebook and other networking sites. He has mentioned about Facebook Quizzes which has recently gained popularity for attracting the attention of website visitors.