Facebook for Business


Worldwide, there are over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users, using Facebook to promote your business is an obvious choice.


Facebook may be an excellent marketing tactic, but it is subject to the New Rule of Three like all business and marketing efforts.  The three keys to marketing are: Your Target Market, who exactly, are you providing your service or products too.  Next what is your Marketing Message, what do prospects  need to know to connect with or buy from you?  Finally, a distribution method, what platform will you use to get that carefully crafted message to those perfectly chosen prospects.

Obviously, Facebook is the distribution method we will be discussing here.  It provides a platform to communicate with consumers in a non-intrusive way.  People go to Facebook on their own time and only click on content that is interesting to them.  FB does a great job presenting ads and content based viewers stated interest, but more importantly based on behavioral trends.  This ensures only the most relevant ads and content are presented to each user.

With over one million links shared every 20 minutes, there is great opportunity for a message to go viral, that is when the power of FB as a multiplier is truly amazing! With a wide reach, free and low cost options Facebook is an excellent distribution method for most types of businesses.


Who is on Facebook?  Almost 30% are in the 25 to 34, age group, 50% of 18-24 year-olds go on Facebook when they wake up. With a strong showing with the 18-34 year old demographic you are reaching two of the most sought after demographic groups with the highest disposalable income!   Focusing on your niche is key for reaching your Target Market.  A simple boosted post on FB allows you to identify age, gender, and  interest and geographic location of these you wish to reach.

We know we are using FB to get to reach those perfect prospects, so what do you say?  What is your Marketing Message.  It should be what you do better, cheaper, faster or more innovatively than everyone else.  Your Unique Selling Proposition, or USP.   Presenting your USP on Facebook must be tailored to both the medium and those viewing it.

Text alone is unlikely to draw anyone’s attention, I never post without a picture preferably a video. You can use the slideshow feature to create the motion of a video that will help your post stand out.

Facebook is about community and relationships not a bill board to sell from.  Your post should be about your viewers. 70% of your post should be valuable to the community, resent events, helpful articles and the like. Use 20% of your post to promote other non-competing business. This show you are not just in it for yourself.  Only 10% of your post should be promoting your own business, with special offers, product introduction and reminding prospects of your Unique Selling Proposition.

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