Festivals Are Becoming Big Businesses For Everyone Involved



Summer is well and truly about to hit and that means one thing; festivals, fairs and community events are going to spring up from nowhere before you’ve even had a chance to put on your sun cream. Basically, what we are trying to say is, it is time you started planning how your stand is going to stand out.


It doesn’t matter whether you have a clothing company and a pitch at a festival, or whether you have a farm that is planning on marketing – and selling – your local produce at the next food festival. All of these events provide a prime opportunity to expand your business operations and your exposure simply by grabbing the attention of passersby.


That is the key because you are going to need to grab their attention, and here are some creative ideas to help you do this:


Mr Brightside

It doesn’t matter whether it is a fair or a festival, you need to stand out and that means you need to be colorful. Think about the color of the marquee, have a think about your table covering options, make the front of the display as creative and bold as possible; anything and everything should be thought about, and it should be thought about from the view of grabbing some attention.


Too Hot To Handle

These days, everyone is walking around with smartphones glued to their palms and festivals are absolutely no exception. People want to take photos of where they are to up their social standing, they want to tweet and all sorts; so capitalize on this trend. Advertise your social media handles and any hashtags you are using, and get creative with how you do it. You could even offer people a free little something for posting a picture with your hashtag or liking your page. What better way is there to capture that online space.


Bold As Love

Festivals and fairs attract a certain consumer, so latch onto that with the way you design your stand. This is your version of a shop display window so think like that when putting it together, make it intriguing to people that walk past. You could have a bright yellow Chesterfield out front with branded cushions on it, or lots of antique mirrors with big frames and your poster in one of them, a chandelier with branded lanyards hanging off it. The bolder the better, and the cleverer you are with your marketing the more successful you will be.


Free As A Bird

Consumers are always attracted to free giveaways so utilize this little trick to attract people to your stand. It could be something as simple as great music that brings them to you, encourages them to your way and sees what you are all about. Equally, it could be something as simple as a temporary tattoo, or stickers, or wristbands, or anything like that which does the trick and sees you grow both your exposure and your sales. Trust us, it is the little things that have the big impact at these events.