Financial Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid at All Costs


Starting a business is like skating on thin ice. It comes with various possibilities of risks which can severely impact your finances. Thus, managing finances is the foundation of every startup enterprise and business. How you handle your money’s business plays a crucial role in whether your business will succeed or fail.


It means that in whatever you do and how you handle your business, having financial management skills is important to create steady cash flow. Unfortunately, not all business owners, especially the newbies, know how to make sound financial management, which usually stems from inexperience or lack of knowledge thereof.


If you don’t want to flounder in the sea of failed businesses, here are the things you need to avoid at all costs.

Not Having Corpus Fund

Corpus fund is a specific type of organization/ business capital that is generated and kept for its sustenance. Basically, this fund is money that is put aside to be used as emergency cash whenever your business meets unexpected expenditures.


It is technically for the survival of the business. For this reason, not creating a corpus fund can equate to instant business doom. Remember, there are little to none banks or credit unions that would lend a failing business, especially when one is a startup or is currently a small business.


Fortunately, there are online lending platforms like  that offer accessible loans to borrowers who need funds to keep their business afloat.


Thus, keep in mind that you need to create a corpus fund for your business since it might be useful in the future.


No Tracking of Payments

Not tracking any of your payments is like asking for your business to fail through a financial disaster. There is nothing worse than the loss of money from the work that you have carried out well but had not been paid for.


If you are not tracking payments from your clients, then you need to start now. You can set up reminder emails to your clients to remind them of their due. Also, be keen when recording and tracking customer payments so that you can track your income thoroughly.


Not Analyzing Cash Flow

According to a United States Bank survey, there’s around 82 percent of startups and small businesses that fail along the way because the owners didn’t know how to manage the organization’s cash flow.


Being an entrepreneur or a business owner means you need to be knowledgeable about the flow of your cash. From the expenses to one’s profit and income, you should have effective control of the inflow and outflow of your company’s money.


You can analyze your business’ cash flow on a daily, weekly, or monthly. It depends on the sensitivity of the financial status of one’s business.


Not Creating a Budget

Budget is a necessary term and action when it comes to money matters, may it be a budget within the family, personal matters, or business. As such, not having a budget is a huge mistake that should be entirely avoided by business owners.


Commonly, there are Do-It-Yourself business owners that neglect drawing a budget since they are more preoccupied with the things that are important and “seen.” Thus, it results to underspending on some significant features while overspending in some areas. This great taboo is a mistake that can take a toll on your business.


Incorrect Hiring of People

When starting a business, it may definitely take time before you have the capability to hire a person for a specific job. However, when the time comes, the next risky step is investing in the right people. It’s crucial to do so, since hiring the wrong people could actually impair your business operation.


One of the common mistakes that new business owners do is hiring too quickly and too cheaply due to desperation. You must look for the right skill sets. Your hiring process should be quality over quantity.


For instance, it’s better to hire one service crew with good skill sets, work ethics, and customer service orientation than hiring three people who aren’t efficient in their work. Thus, it is only right for you to invest in talented and reliable people to help your business grow.


There are still many mistakes out there that a business owner should avoid at any cost. However, the discussed matters above are the most common and significant errors that new business owners should be aware of.


As such, following what was discussed will definitely help you out in certain situations. Thus exercising caution in business is necessary and preemptive action against future complications or issues.