First Impressions Matter in Business: Style Tips


If you are about to launch yourself into the professional world of freelancing, aside from the obvious digital profile, you do need to look the part for those essential face-to-face meetings. While you no longer are restricted to the traditional business suit, one still has to look smart, in a casual sort of way. Even if you are currently engaging with work colleagues via video conferencing, you still need to look good, and with that in mind, here are a few items you should be investing in for business encounters.

  • Twin Button Blazer – This is ideal for that informal tech meeting at the coffee shop, with light, pastel shades acceptable, coupled with a smart pair of jeans and a pair of loafers will project a clean image, with a touch of sophistication. Cotton or tweed both work and by searching online for an Australian clothing store for men, you can make sure that your attire will be impressive when with colleagues or clients.
  • Wear a Watch – While we no longer wear a watch to know the time, it is an important accessory that tells a person you have attention to detail, and if you invest in a decent luxury vintage Rolex, this really will elevate your status.
  • Leather Laptop Case – No entrepreneur can be without his Mac AirPro, and a stylish leather case with a power bank and all the cables, means you are ready to show your presentation at a moment’s notice. This is not only a fashion accessory, as it also protects your IT hardware, which you simply cannot afford to be without, and the online men’s clothing store would have a large selection of laptop cases to suit every style. Here is a good article on dressing to impress, which is worth a read.
  • Name Card – While we do live in a digital business world, when you meet someone for the first time, you should hand them your name card, and with state-of-the-art laser printing, you can make a business statement with your card.
  • Designer Sunglasses –There will be occasions when you arrange to have coffee with a business associate, and a pair of aviators or wayfarers are a great accessory, as well as protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Always carry your case, as you never know when you have to work remotely, which will protect the polarised lenses, and you won’t lose them.
  • Quality After Shave – Don’t overdo it, but when meeting a business associate, it is nice to dab a tiny amount of expensive cologne each side of your cheeks, and that’s all you need for close encounters.
  • Socks – People do notice everything and if you have to remove your shoes for any reason, holes are not cool, rather invest in half a dozen pairs of quality socks, which you can find with the online men’s clothing store.

If you are always aware that first impressions matter in business, you will take the time and trouble to make sure that you are more than suitably dressed for the occasion. If you feel confident that you look the part, this will project in your body language and people will respond warmly to you.