Five (5) Simple Ideas To Improve The Design Of Your Office


You want your team to produce creative results, but do they have the right environment? The design of your office will directly impact performance, and so a revamp is never a bad idea. You don’t have to break the budget to improve your office, simply try these five easy ideas.


  1. Eco-friendly


Designing an eco-friendly office directly influences productivity. In one study, conducted by the World Green Building Council, reducing pollutants and increasing fresh air resulted in ‘an 11% increase in productivity.’ To improve the air quality in your office, you can add plants to clean the air of toxins; provide air filtering systems, and increase ventilation.


When you are choosing furniture and materials for your office, choose those that are eco-friendly and easily recycled. Designing an earth-friendly office is both beneficial for employee wellbeing and for the reputation of your brand.


  1. Gadgets for productivity


Entrepreneurs know that productivity is just about the most important thing to a business. So how can you boost productivity with your office design? One simple thing you can do is to add plenty of productivity-boosting gadgets. Try adding solar-powered phone chargers for your employees, these will give your windows a modern and techy look, plus you’ll save on your energy bills! Standing desks are another gadget you can use to make your office look super stylish, plus enhance productivity at the same time. ‘TimeFlip’ is also a top gadget for the office; it’s basically a dice with 12 sides that you can sync with all your tasks. This digital dice can help your employees to monitor time spent on various tasks, and analyze this data.


  1. Collaborative workspaces


Productivity relies upon collaboration; it’s impossible to get creative results if your team can’t work together properly. Traditional offices aren’t always built with collaboration in mind. It’s a great idea to create spaces that will help your staff to collaborate. Whether it’s spacious and comfortable seating areas, circular desks, or booths, provide your team with a range of options. Perhaps you feel held back by a lack of space? Well you don’t need to move office altogether! If you’re lacking space, try custom all weather sheds. Commercial sheds are a great affordable option to use for storage or extra workspace.


4 . Ergonomic chairs


Ergonomic chairs are essential; these will ensure that your staff are not injured due to long periods of sitting down. These chairs are especially designed to support the spine and allow employees to sit in the perfect position. Besides this, ensure that staff position the top of their laptop screens at the same level as their eyes.


  1. Use the natural world


Once you’ve got yourself some office plants, don’t stop there! Studies have shown that elements of the natural world can help to boost productivity in an office space. Try water features, plenty of natural light, and decorative objects such as shells, stones or flowers.


Last up; there’s nothing like a nice lick of paint to jazz up your office. Try decorating in bright colours to enhance the creative atmosphere.