Five Amazing Corporate Video Examples


Video content became a big deal as soon as everyone understood that videos are easier to understand and memorize than texts and images. Corporations and smaller businesses saw an opportunity in that, starting to create videos not only for their products but also for their brands and promo campaigns overall.

There’s no better way to raise people’s trust in your corporation than to make a strong corporate video with an inspiring and powerful message.


So, what is a corporate video?


A corporate video is one that businesses use to promote their brands, services, or goods.


These are just a small part of the various types of videos you can produce for your company, along with marketing, training, explanation, and good testimonial videos.


Explainer videos are great for in-depth product pitches, whereas corporate videos frequently discuss the company as a whole instead of focusing on products individually.

The capacity of corporate videos to keep your business at the top of your audience’s thoughts is the primary reason they are successful and why you need them. Nearly two-thirds of customers claim that watching videos inspires them to make purchases.


Also, most customers want to do business with enterprises that reflect their values. Insert your core values into your corporate videos to highlight issues that are important to your business so that customers would want to associate with your brand and buy from you.


It’s always good to learn from the best. Here are five best corporate video examples made by big corporations ‒ get inspired and create your own!


Coca-Cola provided an example of a good corporate video that conveys its message through the use of text over short videos set to a catchy background melody, rather than using a simple narrative. If you want to bring your own content to the center of the attention of the video, this format works nicely. Coca-Cola is using both old and new video snippets in this instance to promote favorable sentiments associated with its brand — everyone remembers those good-old Christmas Coca-Cola ads!

Another excellent example is the corporate video from Honda. Numerous Honda employees from across the world are featured in this one, and each of them explains what Honda symbolizes to them as a brand. Consider allowing your team to speak up in your corporate video if you want to create the same honest and friendly impression.

Corporate videos can be used to explain about your company’s core values as well as any changes happening.   There is an interesting corporate video from Microsoft that discusses a rebranding they made for their Los Angeles office. The fact that Microsoft also included interviews with the branding company that assisted with the makeover is also quite engaging.

Another example of a good corporate video shows Facebook encouraging viewers to apply for a remote position so that they can work for them from anywhere in the world. Additionally, it sends an important message to the audience by demonstrating how these jobs can support their success and achievement of a healthy work-life balance regardless of their social status and qualifications.

Unless your audience can clearly understand what you mean by issuing your corporate videos and understand the potential influence they might have on their life, those essential parts of your brand identity will seem bleak like generic empty phrases. In the meanwhile,   employees from all over the world who work for Netflix describe what the brand's principles imply to them and how they live up to them. Words may be given a more solid meaning by utilizing this video marketing strategy.



The key lessons you can extract from these are: be honest, let your employees talk, and use videos to reach your business objectives.


Making corporate videos to grow your business


You can create your own corporate video to promote your brand and its values. The easiest way to do it is to pitch your ideas and the concept to the Astra Motion team ‒ a video production agency that creates wonderful videos for enterprise.