Five Essential Tips to Keep in Mind before your Next Email Campaign


One of the more popular ways of sending marketing and promotional content to the customers is email marketing. It not only makes you money but has several other benefits as well. According to experts, there is, on an average a return of $40 for every dollar you spend on email marketing. This is the primary reason as to why more and more venture owners are investing in email marketing. It is genuinely impactful if designed expertly.

So, what do you need to consider before your next email campaign? Let us have a look.

The art of simplicity

According to experts, the keys to effective email marketing are directness and the simplicity of the design. Emails that look over-cluttered with models and other elements beat the purpose. Also, it is quite right that a drab presentation will hurt your venture goals as well. So, you need to maintain a balance between the two and create a soothing design. Keep the text direct, informative and conversational for the best results.

The importance of the subject line

A research study indicates that the subject line is the key determinant when it comes to actual opening and reading of the mail. The first hurdle is to make the readers sign up for the daily updates and newsletters. Once you are done with that, you need to have a killer presentation along with perfectly executed subject lines to pique the interest of the readers/consumers. You must avoid specific keywords like “Earned” and “Congratulations” as more often than not these get scrutinized as spam.

The use of analytics

It is all about the data. The entire system of online marketing is data-driven, and thus, you need to measure, store and manage the data that is generated through these newsletter campaigns. There are four main types of data that you should monitor, and these are as follows.

  • The rate of opening of the mail
  • The CTR or the Click-Through Rate
  • The bounce rate
  • And lastly the response rate

With the adequate number of data sets in hand, you can gauge the user trend and the gain access to insights into modifying your campaign to suit the customers better.

The calls-to-action protocol

Email marketing is all about conversion rates, which means the number of actual conversions of potential leads into actual sales. CTA or call-to-action buttons in the campaign allows the user to take an action after reading the information. Make compelling offers and use contrasting colors to highlight the CTA button.

Use of images

If you are looking for the best way to make the campaign more appealing to the masses, then images are pivotal. Human brains are more attuned to processing visual information so make sure that you use catchy graphics and pictures so that your offer and services makes an impression on the customers even after the newsletter or email gets deleted.

Custom graphics and various editable newsletter templates are available all around the internet. So, make your choice and boost your campaign the right way.