Five Tips to Making a Living as a Book Illustrator


Book illustrators need to have certain qualities in order to make a living. There are various ways in which they can attract clients and it is also important to maintain these clients. Some training and experience will also be required. That is what most agents for illustrators will look for. You may get some tips on making a living as an illustrator here because We Are Agents For Illustrators. It is easier to connect illustrators with their clients online because agents’ services are sought by both book publishers and illustrators looking for work. The illustrator’s agency acts as a platform where these two meet. It is therefore advisable to search for work through illustrator’s agencies.

Here are 5 tips to making a living as a book illustrator

  1. Focus on your career

Being a book illustrator requires one to focus on training, trends, and ways to improve their work. You should also focus on ways through which you can get additional clients mainly through agencies. Ensure that you identify good agencies that focus on book illustrators needs. This way, you will increase the number of clients you have and this will make you a successful illustrator.

  1. Create a good workspace

In order to do excellent work that will earn you more as well as make you recognized as one of the best illustrators, you need to work on a conducive workspace. If you are starting, you may prefer to work from home, in order to save on expenses. With time though, you should get some office space in order to have work-life balance. You may also use freelance workspaces which are relatively cheap.

  1. Networking

In any business, networking plays a major role in bringing in more clients. This is mainly through referrals and recommendations. It is a good idea for illustrators to network with friends and other illustrators. One may also network with a professional agent for illustrators. These are some of the simple ways through which you can get more clients and this helps you to earn more money in the long run.

  1. Integrity

Illustrators usually get instructions from their clients on how they want illustrations on their books before publishing. One should balance between providing clients with what they want, and the integrity of the work they do. Remember illustrators may also sell their illustrations at various other markets including artist print market, apparel, and murals among others. The illustrations should meet the set standards in order to be accepted in such markets and also if you are to post the work on your website. It is therefore important to always work with integrity.

  1. Be persistent

In any business or work, persistence is a virtue that one should have. With more experience and professional help from various stakeholders especially the agents for illustrators, you will make it big in this industry.

Making a living as a book illustrator may prove a bit difficult especially for beginners. But with the proper guidance and help from experts and various agents for illustrators, you will make it big.