Five Tools to Make Small Business Ownership Easier


When you run a small business, you can stretch yourself pretty thin while trying to get everything done. Sometimes the funds aren’t there to hire more support staff or take time to relax and practice self-care. Luckily, there are tools that can make your job easier.


The internet age has created ample opportunity for work and the sharing of software and platforms that can help small business owners juggle their many tasks. Here are five of the best tools for making small business ownership easier.




Humanity employee scheduling software is a lifesaver if you have to work out a schedule for your employees. Whether you’re in the service industry trying to figure out which staffing days are busiest or have remote employees covering your customer service line, Humanity can handle it. This software has easy employee logins, which allows them to handle shift changes and see their schedule in advance. It also offers text and email reminders, so no shifts are forgotten.


On the employer side of things, Humanity has various reporting capabilities to help determine trends and staffing needs. It also integrates with payroll platforms to help streamline the process and reduce the need of counting time cards.




Whether you’re printing menus or creating stylish social media graphics, Canva has eliminated the need for outsourcing to an expensive graphic designer every time you need something to look professionally made. With free templates and various font and icon options, Canva will make you ashamed of every time you ever used Word Art in a print ad.


With both a free option and business subscription, the graphics you create in your Canva account can easily be translated into various formats. There are also templates for creating eye-catching Powerpoint presentations and infographics.




Social media marketing is the epitome of a necessary evil in the modern age. Having a strong social media presence can greatly increase your business, whether you run an online agency or a brick and mortar store. It can also be exceptionally time-consuming, resulting in the increase of freelancers working as full-time social media managers for businesses.


HootSuite is a social media listing tool that allows you to schedule posts in advance, track your statistics, and interact with followers from one centralized platform. Rather than taking time each day to log into different social media platforms, you can set aside time each week to check on one, streamlined control center.


G Suite


Gone are the days of paying hundreds of dollars for office software on your computer. Now, you can do all of your word processing, spreadsheet management, and presentation creation for free with a Gmail account. G Suite has revolutionized the way people do business, offering the various platforms required for computing while adding the benefit of cloud storage and sharing.


G Suite is meant to keep up with a remote world. So, if you find yourself called away from your desk in the middle of writing a report, you can log in from your phone and continue writing as you travel. When you get back to your desk, everything you’ve written on your phone will be present in the document. You can even access the information offline.




Like Canva, Squarespace eliminates the need for an expensive designer to create a website. This platform was made for the average business owner, who doesn’t have knowledge of coding techniques or design flow on a website.


With various professional looking templates and an easy-to-understand builder, Squarespace has become a popular option for small business owners to promote their business online. If you sell products online, Squarespace is set up to make it easy bordering on foolproof. The subscription plans are all affordable and cater to your website needs.


Using these tools will make small business ownership easier, and free up your time so you can focus on what matters: growing your business for continued success.