Five Ways That You Can Boost your Drone Videography and Photography Skills




One of the main benefits of owning a drone is the ability to capture excellent aerial photographs or video footages. However, individuals who are just starting out may have difficulties learning the abilities of the drone and consistently producing quality aerial images. Here are a few tips to help you improve your drone photography or videography skills.

Plan ahead of time

It is important for you to always plan your shots in advance. This is crucial because if you send the drone in air without a plan, you will use lots of flight time trying to get the best shot. Most drones will have a flight time of 20 to 25 minutes and with advance planning, you will know how to best utilize this time.



With all videos and photography projects, preparation and research are crucial to ensure excellent drone-shot projects. It is essential that you research prospective locations and dedicate your time to do that. You can use satellite imagery to get potential areas that will interest you. Make sure that you use different tools of research to determine where you will fly your drones and get excellent pictures and videos.

Focus on specific types and techniques of shots

The best way of enhancing your video or photography skills is by identifying and mastering different techniques and various shots. A new drone photographer can spend his/her time practicing orbiting, fly-through, birds’ eye, or other techniques. Instead of just trying out random techniques, its best to create a list of types of shots and techniques that you want to learn and measure your progress by checking them one by one.

Be selective



The best drone photographers will only use the drone when the new photography perspective requires a device that adds creativity and value to the project. If the drone will add to the video or photographs that you are taking, then you should use it. However, if you are just using the drone because you have it, then you should not use it. You need to be selective when using your drone and ensure that you get unique and creative images and videos.



Lots of Practice


Dedicating your time to learn how to operate a drone is important if you want to become a highly-held drone photographer. Flying is one of the crucial skills that photographers need to learn. You must learn to fly effectively and safely away from people and for hours until you feel confident about your skills. With lots of practice, you will definitely get better images and shots that you will be proud of.

If you are planning to be a great drone videographer and photographer, then you will get to a place where you are consistently producing a superior quality aerial image with a lot of practice. You must ensure that you focus on techniques and imagery types that are interesting to you. You should always plan all your shots before flying and learn how to use functionalities and features of your camera and drone. With all the aforementioned tips in mind, you will immensely improve your video and photo skills and will do more with the drone.