Formulate Your Strategy for Content on Instagram


A strong foundation is where your strategy for marketing on Instagram should stand on. If you don’t have a strong foundation, it is going to be like you are firing your guns in the dark. This is the reason why formulating your strategy for content is important for the success of your Instagram marketing.


Audiences in Instagram are always at a lookout for engaging as well as relevant contents. In the jungle of marketing, if you have a strong strategy of marketing then only you can make a difference. You need to be clear of the strategy you are going to follow and the contents you are going to post to target your audiences to get the value of your posts. You can also buy Instagram likes for you.


Below given are some types of visual contents that you can start with posting on your Instagram. You should remember that the type to be successful depends on both, your objectives and your audience. When you start posting slowly, you can refine your posts,and you are going to better every day.


  • Content Product-Focused

In a marketing strategy on Instagram, when you are creating content, you should focus mainly on contents that are product-focused. This is a simple way to introduce your audience to your product. Some enticing images will make your audience realize where your product stands and why it is different from your competitors. Through this way, you mightn’t get more sales, but awareness of audiences about your product will increase.


  • Content Culture-Focused

When your product has no physical presence, such as you sell service or your company is a software company, how are you going to select contents on Instagram? So, your product can’t be expressed in images, but still, there is something your brand definitely offers. You can show audiences the culture of your workplace. You can make behind-the-scene photographs or videos or a photograph of your team outing. Whatever displays about the culture of your company is fine for audiences for your type of brand.


But don’t take random pics and post them, they won’t carry much value. You should display through your images what your company stands for by creating videos or photographs. This will make a stronger brand identity.


  • Content User-Generated

If your brand already has a large number of audiences, and they rave about your product or services, this will work great. People on Instagram love to get involved and want to become part of something; you can post contents created by your customers.


This might be just a piece of cake for big established brands, but for small businesses, this is not so easy. Therefore, it’s always better that you first spend time on Instagram and then make a large,loyal follower base, and then start posting contents generated by users. And to be frank, many small businesses and start-ups have done that successfully, so no need to worry.


Build Your Media

Amazing and lucrative contents are always liked. Creative content will earn you more engagement; you are going to get more followers and then you will get more business. So, try to make your content strategically, and you will find that your post is getting more response.


Worthy contents are always respected by the audiences on Instagram,and it gives you the focus you need. Here are a few tips for making some quality contents:


  • Quality

On Instagram, you can use various filters to your media which will make it stand out different from others. But quality doesn’t only mean that it also means that the quality of the picture as well as the quality of the message it will carry.


While capturing a picture on the phone, you should maximize the quality such that your audience gets more than what they were expecting. Everyone likes extra things, so will the audience.


Your picture should be focused, and there should be sufficient light in it to make your picture look better and different from others.


  • Edit

The most important part of photography is editing the picture. Taking a photograph is just one percent of the job done. Give your picture a professional look; professionalismis always expected from a brand. Don’t use unnecessary or too many filters. When you find a filter that works great for you, stick to it.


  • Caption

You should add a call to action on your caption. You can send your followers to your webpage or the sales page, and they can learn more about your product.


  • Hashtags

Though there are hashtags in all social media platforms, Instagram’s hashtags are special. For your post to be discovered by more audiences but potential ones, use relevant hashtags.



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