Fortress Office: Making Your Workplace Safer From Covid-19


The number one topic of discussion among business owners is covid-19 safety at the office. Everyone is asking what they should be doing, to keep everyone who works for them safely, and how they could attract their employees back to the office? It’s an incredibly challenging and unique time in human history and businesses have to take it slow, to find out what is the best way to go about returning to work. You should read as much as you can, about Covid-19 and figure out how it spreads. The science is changing all the time but there are a few things that you can do to stop this type of virus from spreading in your office.


Heavy touch traffic


There are some areas of the office where many people will be congregating in terms of touch. Door handles for example, will be used by all your employees. So this key or unique door-opener from Vita Creations is highly recommended. It’s cheap and can be used by employees to open doors to the bathroom, meeting room, or pretty much any door with a handle. You just put your finger through the hole and fit the shape of the key around the handle. Push or pull-down and the handle will unlock the door. This is brilliantly simple, can be fitted to your keychain and it comes with a free mask. You may also wish to keep some doors slightly ajar, for easy access, such as your office. Therefore employees will still remain in contact with you despite the circumstances.


Sanitizers everywhere


You need to buy bottles and bottles of sanitizer so they can be placed all around the office. Every employee should have their own bottle on their desk. Every room should have a sanitizer bottle at the entrance so those not working in the office can clean their hands first. This is important for managers that might be going from one floor or room to another, or outsiders who have come with a delivery of some kind. 


Putting antiviral wipes in the bathroom is essential. You can’t stop people from touching themselves in the bathroom, but having wipes will limit the spread as much as possible. 


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Office airflow


Scientists are saying that the virus won’t set on a surface if there is decent airflow in the office. So keep your windows open and turn on the office fans. If you don’t have any, buying stand fans is the first thing you need to do. The airflow will mean that the molecules in the air will enter one way and exit through the other end of the room. This does mean that it could be a little cold in the office, but asking your employees to wear one extra layer shouldn’t be too harmful to morale. The alternative is to turn your air conditioning to full blast and this could cost you more money in utility bills.


We recommend that you take these simple precautions for the following months while a vaccine is being created. It will keep employees safe and confident to carry on with their work in your office.